Chapter 56 - Kill!

Chapter 56 - Kill!

“Li Song, Li Kuo, Li Hong, you three just watch from the side. I’ll smash this kid into a pulp today!” Li Huai waved his hand as he instructed the three nearby Li Clan disciples, then he held his Pine Ripple Sword in his hand, and his gaze was like lightning as his formidable aura locked onto Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t continue speaking, the tip of his foot tapped the ground as his entire body was like an arrow that left the bow, flashing explosively towards Li Huai.

Hiss! Hiss!

As he dashed, his body actually tore numerous long waves of air in the surrounding air. These waves of air surged out and crackled like surging river water with extremely shocking force.

After using the Netherezim Baleful Qi at the foundation of the formation in the bottom of the chasm to attain the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm in body refinement, Chen Xi’s body was like a treasured sword that was tempered within a furnace for millions of times. His vital energy and blood shot into the sky like a rainbow, the bones and tendons within his body were refined like jade, and there wasn’t a shred of impurities within his entire body. When he dashed out, his body was light like a swallow and combined with the Heavenly Dragon’s Eight Steps, his speed was at least 20% faster than before!


The sky shook as a fist that was covered in terrifying force smashed straight at Li Huai’s face, it was exactly the same move that he used when fighting Li Huai outside Bloodbath City.

“This move again… Hmph! You’re underestimating me, Li Huai, too much!” As he shouted, thick True Essence abruptly surged out from Li Huai’s body, and his body lifted off the ground with a swish to fly up mid-air.


His fist missed and the powerful True Essence blasted onto the spirit farmland like a plow as it smashed out numerous deep trenches, and dirt flew out into the surroundings.

“Haha! Violet Palace Realm cultivators can fly in the air, idiot!” Li Huai laughed arrogantly in mid-air.

Whereas seizing the opportunity when Li Huai was talking, Chen Xi didn’t stop and instead charged towards the three nearby young men.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One of the Li Clan disciples was caught off guard, his skull was directly shattered by a single punch, and he died on the spot. The other two of them crossed their arms in defense, but they were still unable to flee from this calamity, it was as if a 150,000kg sledgehammer had fiercely smashed onto their arms, causing their bones to be shattered into bits. The terrifying force that surged out from Chen Xi’s fist shook the two of them to the point they fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood before flying out over 30m and were unable to get up anymore.

The school of fiendgod body refinement had always been a terrifying existence that annihilated all qi refiners of the same cultivation. Now that Chen Xi’s physique was refined to the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm, it was completely capable of being on par against an ordinary graded Magic Treasure, allowing him to possess a strength that was mighty and bones and tendons that were formidable. By just relying on the strength of his body, it was more than sufficient for him to slaughter these three Li Clan disciples that were only at the Congenital Realm.

“You’re courting death!” Li Huai’s face suddenly went grim, he was in mid-air, yet the Pine Ripple Sword in his hand transformed into an azure light that fiercely slashed at Chen Xi, and it was precisely the ability to control Magic Treasures that only Violet Palace Realm cultivators were able to master.


The Pine Ripple Sword was extremely swift like lightning, and the terrifying force of the sword even tore through the air, shaking the surrounding spirit energy to disperse with a bang.

Chen Xi was shocked inwardly, unable to dodge in time, he swung out his fist to smash the flying sword that shot violently towards him. Unexpectedly, the flying sword suddenly changed directions mid-air and swept past an arc as it swiftly glided past his ribs.


His clothes tore open and a faint bruise appeared on his body that was hard like cast iron, but even then, Chen Xi still couldn’t help from sweating out cold sweat from shock.

“How could it be possible!? This Pine Ripple Sword is a low-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure, how could it be unable to injure this fellow?” In mid-air, Li Huai was stunned, and his expression became unsightly.

“Come the fuck down!” Even though he wasn’t injured, but it still infuriated Chen Xi. His vast True Essence poured into his arms and they instantly smashed out a myriad of times, and transparent fists that seemed to be material shot out from his hands!

These transparent fists seemed like they were carved from crystal and were glittering and translucent. They were condensed and compressed from True Essence then smashed out by Chen Xi’s third level of the Grand Collapsing Fist — collapsing rocks into powder, and were like a meteor rain that whistled in the sky, emitting extremely shocking sounds and might.

“Hmph! It’s only True Essence discharge, it’s unable to do anything to me!” Li Huai sneered. A myriad of sharp sword lights suddenly slashed out from the Pine Ripple Sword that coiled around his body, slashing towards those fists that whistled towards him like the rain.


A transparent fist directly smashed a sword light into pieces, and its momentum didn’t reduce in the slightest as it continued to smash towards Li Huai.

“Not good! How could I have forgotten that this kid’s fist technique has already attained the unity-stage, and is able to draw support from the energy of the heaven and earth to increase its might explosively…?”

Li Huai was stunned, then suddenly recalled the scene of when he was battle Chen Xi outside Bloodbath City, and his face instantly went gloomy!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless transparent fists were like a large fisherman’s net as it shattered all the myriad of sword lights that stood in its way to encircle and siege Li Huai who stood in the center!


One wrong move caused him to lose the initiative of the battle. Li Huai could only grit his teeth and circulate the True Essence within his entire body, then grab ahold of his Pine Ripple Sword to swing out sword shadows that were like billowing spindrifts as they flashed out, forming a watertight defense around his surroundings. At the same time, he instead flashed explosively towards the distance, attempting to rush out of the encirclement of the transparent fists that came from all around him.


A transparent fist smashed on the sword shadow around Li Huai’s body, the terrifying True Essence contained within it surged out, and it directly smashed Li Huai flying.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before Li Huai could even catch his breath, another few more fists exploded in around his body, once again blasting him out over 30m away, and his body was staggering and almost dropped to the ground.

At this moment, Li Huai’s hair was disheveled and hung down loosely, and his clothes were in rags. His exposed skin was completely charred, and his appearance was in an extremely sorry state. He didn’t dare continue trying to flaunt his superiority any longer and leaped to the ground, only then did he escape the encirclement of those transparent fists.

This… This is absolutely not real. This kid’s cultivation is only at the Congenital Realm, and he’s even bare-handed. How could he possibly be so formidable?

Li Huai gazed at Chen Xi in disbelief. It was truly difficult for him to imagine that everything from earlier was caused by this fellow that he’d always insulted as trash.

He’d always thought that he lost to Chen Xi outside of Bloodbath City because his cultivation was restrained and it provided Chen Xi with an opportunity to exploit. However, now, when he utilized the cultivation of the Violet Palace Realm, yet was still forced down from mid-air by Chen Xi. This situation caused him to be utterly unable to accept this reality!

Why is it like this?

Could it be that this kid is an expert that concealed himself, and has always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

At the instant that Li Huai’s mind pondered swiftly, Chen Xi couldn’t help but once again get a clear understand of his strength. Only now did he realize. Relying on my perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm cultivation in both body refinement and qi refinement, and my Grand Collapsing Fist that’s at the unity-stage, I’m completely able to battle a Violet Palace Realm cultivator!

However, Li Huai has obviously only advanced to the Violet Palace Realm not long ago, and his live combat experience is even inferior to me. That’s why I was able to seize the initiative in the battle and force him to descend from the sky… It would seem that I’m only able to battle some fellows who are at the initial-stage of the Violet Palace Realm and have bad live combat experience.

As for those slightly formidable Violet Palace Realm cultivators, I still have to carefully deal with them if I encounter them in the future.

After he thought all this through, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate anymore and launched an attack once again, and his fists were like descended droplets of rain as they completely didn’t give Li Huai any chance to fly up once again.

The situation started to become disadvantageous to Li Huai.

A portion of his will to fight was taken away by Chen Xi’s attacks earlier, and now that he was devastated by Chen Xi from being forcefully suppressed to battle on the ground, he’d completely fallen into a situation of passive defense.

However, it was also impossible for Chen Xi to finish Li Huai off in a short amount of time, as this fellow swung his Pine Ripple Sword about to the point even a drop of water couldn’t pass through, and as it defended the surroundings of his body, he was virtually like a tortoise that had cowered within its shell.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

The muscles that glowed with a jade-like luster on his entire body expanded and popped out, then fluctuated ceaselessly like a tide with an extremely rhythmic motion, and the vital qi and blood in his body was as if lit ablaze, and emitted waves of thunderous roars.

The appearance of Li Huai while passively taking a beating was extremely similar to a sparring dummy, and this caused Chen Xi to think of a good plan. He’d decided to use Li Huai to test how formidable exactly was his body, and he didn’t utilize his True Essence any longer and started to use the pure strength of his body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He’d already confirmed earlier that the Pine Ripple Sword in Li Huai’s hand wasn’t able to injure his tendons and bones, so, Chen Xi didn’t have the slightest worries as he executed his fist techniques now, and coupled with the combat expertise he’s honed from fighting life and death battles, he was able to force his opponent to the point his opponent only had the strength to ward off his blows and nothing more. This feeling was simply captivating and addictive.

Li Huai completely didn’t notice that he’d already become the sparring dummy for Chen Xi to test the strength of his body, but at this moment he was utterly unable to notice all this.

His mind had already completely fallen into an inexplicably great terror, and as he continued to withstand Chen Xi who got even more courageous as the battle progresses, he bitterly pondered on a way to flee.

Up to this point of the battle, his fighting spirit had already been completely depleted, and he wasn’t willing to continue tangling with this freak, Chen Xi, any longer. Even to the extent that he suspected that if it were to continue like this, he would be exhausted to death by Chen Xi.

What should I do?

Should I lower my head and admit defeat to him?

It’s of no use. Even if I admit defeat, I’m afraid this fellow wouldn’t let me off. His grandfather died in the hands of my Li Clan’s cultivators after all. This enmity is absolutely irreconcilable, and he would absolutely not forgive me…

But, besides admitting defeat, what other method is able to allow me to survive?

Li Huai felt the True Essence that had reduced within his Dantian, and he seemed to see the footsteps of the god of death silently approaching. For a moment, his heart burned with anxiety, and an extremely short absent-mindedness appeared in his expression.

It was right at this moment that Chen Xi’s eyes lit up, he grabbed onto this chance that was difficult to come by and took a step forward, then his right fist swung out like a whip, passing through the cracks between the sword shadows before directly smashing onto Li Huai’s chest with a bang.

Kacha! Kacha!

A wave of sounds of bones breaking that caused one’s scalp to go numb echoed out, and Li Huai’s chest abruptly sunk to become a cavity. The terrifying strength that surged out from the fist had instantly shattered the bones in his chest, and his internal organs were shattered into countless pieces as well.


Li Huai spat out a mouthful of dense and dark red blood, and his face instantly went white as a sheet. He gazed at Chen Xi with a look that carried along a trace of shock, resentment, frustrations… and was extremely complicated.

“I… never imagined… that a jinx like you… actually… actually had become so formidable. It’s truly… ironic!” Li Huai spoke disjointedly, and as soon as he finished speaking, his head turned sideways and he died on the spot.

“I originally intended to kill everyone in your Li Clan before your eyes. But now it seems that I’ve let you off lightly.” Chen Xi muttered, then he picked up the Pine Ripple Sword that was still held in Li Huai’s hand. He couldn’t care less to give this fellow’s corpse another glance, and he turned around to walk towards the Goldsoul Divine Lotus.

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