Chapter 55 - Hundred Herb Hall

Chapter 55 - Hundred Herb Hall

“Hey! Old dog, want to flee after you sent people to gather all the precious jade slips? Don’t you dare move!”

Cang Bin shouted out explosively, and the Redlotus Bloodsoul sword in his hand danced about, transforming into an enormous blood colored waterfall that cleaved straight towards Fu Heng.

Dammit! I was entrapped as well, okay?

Fu Heng was already angered to the point that his gaunt face trembled after he swung his hand to draw out a glowing glazed colored shield made of feathers to block the enormous blood colored sword that was heading towards him.

He didn’t know Chen Xi, but when Chen Xi said the words Phoenixcloud Sect earlier, it caused him to instantly become like a rat on the streets, chased by all with the intent to kill. Regardless of whether it was Su Jiao’s or Chai Letian’s groups, they’d all taken him to be a despicable person who’d stolen the precious jade slips and they attacked him viciously and mercilessly, forcing him to the point he was nearly unable to withstand the attacks.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Redlotus Bloodsoul Sword was like a sledgehammer under the control of Cang Bin’s fierce and raging energy as it repeatedly smashed onto the Glazed Feather Shield. The terrifying force from the sword smashed onto Fu Heng to the point his entire body trembled unceasingly. Then his face went pale; he couldn’t restrain it any longer and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

I’m fucking innocent! INNOCENT!

Fu Heng yelled and roared within his heart. Although he had never met Chen Xi before, he already hated Chen Xi to the bones for throwing him into such a trap.

It wasn’t just Fu Heng, all the people in his group suffered the same treatment, being chased around by Su Jiao and Chai Letian’s group with an intent to kill. Whereas when they intended to counterattack, they instead noticed that Su Jiao’s group and Chai Letian’s group had already lumped together in battle. This sort of utterly chaotic situation almost caused them to be unable to figure out who exactly was the enemy!

Could it be that we must stand still and receive their attacks before we can counterattack

Tears covered the faces of Fu Heng’s group who suffered an undeserved calamity.

Outside the Book Reserve Hall.

After yelling out earlier, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest and dashed out of the Book Reserve Hall from the concealed passageway. At this moment, a trace of guilt couldn’t help but rise in his heart as he heard the waves of terrifying sounds of battle echoing out from within the hall, as he felt he’d wronged Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin.

Since entering the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain and up to the point they entered the Crimsonflame Mountain Range, the three of them had taken good care of him and had taken him to be a friend. Whereas now, because of something he’d said, they’d fallen into chaotic battle, and this caused Chen Xi to feel slightly sorry.

It’s an undeserved calamity!

I only hope they can survive, please don’t let anything happen to them…

Chen Xi shook his head after silently pondering for a short moment, then he put away his thoughts before leaping out to dash towards the concealed little passageway that headed to the Hundred Herb Hall.

According to his deduction, the battle within the Book Reserve Hall would surely continue for some time before a victor could be decided. He was completely capable of seizing the opportunity when the three groups were in a chaotic battle to clean out the Hundred Herb Hall.

Not long after, Chen Xi stepped foot into the Hundred Herb Hall.

The moment he stepped into the Hundred Herb Hall, the spirit energy that was suffused in the air had actually condensed into numerous masses of mist, and when breathed in, the pure and copious amounts of spirit energy flowed through his entire body, causing Chen Xi’s spirit to be refreshed.

What a great place!

This estate has already existed for 10,000 years and the spirit energy here is still so dense, it’s simply unbelievable! Under the nurturing of such dense spirit energy, the quality of the precious plants and herbs within here would surely be extraordinary!

As Chen Xi breathed in the copious spirit energy in the air that contained traces of the delicate fragrances of grass and trees, his eyes were extremely bright.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate and started searching through the entire Hundred Herb Hall.

The Hundred Herb Hall covered an area of an 500 km and was a hundred times larger than the Treasure Hall and Book Reserve Hall. After spending nearly an eighth of an hour, Chen Xi finally found the location of the spirit farmland, and he couldn’t help but secretly heave a sigh of relief.

This was a spirit farmland that was an entire 7 plus hectares large, and numerous mist clouds drifted above it. The mist clouds were like cotton and emitted an enchanting luster. Chen Xi shockingly noticed after sizing it up, that these mist clouds were actually all condensed from spirit energy!

However, when his gaze descended onto the spirit farmland, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

Atop the jet-black and glossy soil was a barren land. Some spirit plants could be vaguely seen atop the spirit farmland, but they were dead and had withered for god knew how long. As he gazed from afar, there was actually not a single spirit plant that was alive.

Strange… The spirit energy here is so copious, why have all these spirit plants withered and died?

Chen Xi frowned and walked into the spirit farmland, and he swiftly flashed all the way to dash to the depths of the spirit farmland.

Gush! Gush!

After dashing for nearly 50km, Chen Xi suddenly heard an extremely faint sound of water flowing, and he’d noticed at this moment as well that along with him going deeper into the spirit farmland, the nearby spirit energy had become even more copious.

Chen Xi dashed another tens of kilometers towards the sound of water before seeing a spring gurgling out. The spring water was pure and flawless like milk, and it emitted a shocking amount of spirit energy.

It’s actually a spirit spring!

Chen Xi practically recognized what the spring was with a single glance, and he couldn’t help but gasp. Could it be that a top-grade spirit vein was concealed here?

Most of the great powers in the world possessed their own prosperous grounds that accumulated spirit energy, and they were superb locations for cultivating. The reason the spirit energy within these prosperous grounds was abundant was the existence of spirit veins.

Spirit veins were divided into various grades according to their quality, but a spirit spring that was covered by countless cultivators would only appear nearby a top-grade spirit vein!

This was because the springs that flowed out from a spirit spring were all spirit liquids that were condensed from spirit energy. After cultivators advanced to the Violet Palace Realm, spirit stones and spirit crystals were useless to them and they had to use spirit liquids to cultivate.

However, for an ordinary cultivator, it wasn’t such an easy thing to obtain spirit liquids. Unless one became a disciple of a great sect or clan, otherwise, one could only produce an enormous amount of spirit stones and spirit crystals to purchase spirit liquids or use treasures to exchange for spirit liquids. This was also precisely the reason why spirit liquids were precious.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and moved his gaze away from the spirit spring with great difficulty, and only now did he see clearly that a delicate and beautiful lotus that glowed in a misty golden light was shockingly growing on the spirit farmland nearby the spirit spring. Under the cover of the dense mist of spirit energy, it was truly difficult to notice if he didn’t look carefully.

This lotus wasn’t large and was only 65cm tall. Its stem was dazzling like gold with dense striations on its upper portion and glowed with a metallic luster. Every layer of the delicate and beautiful golden lotus petals were fully bloomed, and it contained a myriad of stamens and pistils that were like strands of golden needles linked together, a feast for the eyes. The entire lotus didn’t have a trace of anything out of place. It was entirely perfect, causing one to have to praise the miracles of the god of creation.

Chen Xi’s gaze was attracted by a golden fruit that was covered at the center of the layers upon layers of flower petals, and strands of stamens and pistils. It was only the size of a goose egg and was completely round. Its surface was coiled by a layer of spirit energy flames, and a strand of sharp aura that seemed material surged out from it, causing it to seem extremely mystical.

This is…

Chen Xi wracked his brains but couldn’t figure out what this golden lotus actually was. But just from its outwards appearance, Chen Xi was able to determine that this thing was surely a spirit plant that was a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth!

“Goldsoul Divine Lotus!” Ji Yu appeared out of thin air and cried out involuntarily when he gazed at the lotus.


The infant Pixiu in Ji Yu’s arms sniffed for a moment and its eyes lit up instantly, then it struggled, wanting to pounce towards the lotus but was pressed down by Ji Yu’s large hands, causing the little fellow to bare his fangs and howl unceasingly.

“Senior, what’s a Goldsoul Divine Lotus?”

Chen Xi hurriedly stood before the lotus as he spoke, then gazed at the infant Pixiu vigilantly. As soon as he recalled that all the treasures within the Treasure Hall were eaten clean by this little fellow, he felt extremely pained.

“This lotus is a goldsoul treasure that was born from the five elements of nature and innately possesses a pure goldsoul body. Even in the primordial era, it’s an extremely rare treasure. This Goldsoul Divine Lotus was born from the metal element of nature and based on its condition, it’s obviously already in the phase of maturity.”

Ji Yu had a burning gaze, and he couldn’t help but reveal a slightly envious and astonished expression as he said, “The Goldsoul Divine Lotus sprouts after 10 years, becomes a lotus in 100 years, blooms in 1,000 years, and would only bear a lotus fruit after being nurtured for 5,000 years. After that, it would grow larger by a circle every 1,000 years until it’s like the size of an infant’s fist. If it isn’t picked in time, it would fall to the ground and transform back into spirit energy, vanishing within the five elements of the three dimensions.”

Chen Xi lowered his head and measured it for a moment. The Goldsoul Divine Lotus before him just happened to be the size of an infant’s fist, and it was precisely just about to reach maturity!

“This is too much of a coincidence, right?” Chen Xi was astonished to the point he didn’t know how to express himself, he felt the joyous feeling of something falling into his lap.

Ji Yu felt it was unbelievable as well, but when he saw the Pixiu in his arms, he experienced a flash of enlightenment in his heart and said with a weird expression, “When fortune has arrived, it can’t be stopped.”

“Who said it can’t be stopped?” It was at this moment that an icy voice suddenly sounded out, then the dense mist far away behind Chen Xi abruptly started roiling, and four or five figures could be vaguely seen to be flashing over here explosively.

“Shit! All my attention was actually caught by a single Goldsoul Divine Lotus, it really shouldn’t have happened. I’ll leave the rest to you. I can only tell you that if the Goldsoul Divine Lotus is seized away by another, then you’ll regret it for your entire lifetime.” Ji Yu was stunned, then shook his head as he instructed Chen Xi before vanishing into thin air.

“Chen Xi, long time no see.” Within the roiling mist, a tall figure appeared before Chen Xi. He had sword shaped eyebrows and starry eyes, with shoulder length long hair, and he looked at Chen Xi with a gaze filled with boundless hatred.

Li Huai!

Chen Xi was startled, he never imagined that he would encounter this fellow here, but he still heaved a sigh of relief inwardly when he found out he was facing an opponent he’d already defeated before.

Three young men with respectful expressions followed behind Li Huai, they all had large foreheads and cold lights within their eyes, but when Chen Xi saw them, he instantly determined that these three people hadn’t advanced to the Violet Palace Realm and at most had a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm.

“This is the Goldsoul Divine Lotus you spoke of? It’s extraordinary as expected.” Li Huai’s gaze descended onto the Goldsoul Divine Lotus on the spirit farmland, and he emitted and undisguisable burning desire and greed.

Looks like this fellow heard everything between me and Senior Ji Yu earlier. I originally intended to let him live for a few more days, but for the sake of not letting this secret leak out, I can only kill him this time… Chen Xi swiftly contemplated within his mind, and he’d made his decision in an instant and killing intent immediately appeared within his eyes.

“Want to kill me? Haha! My cultivation isn’t restrained anymore within this sword immortal’s abode. Do you have any chance of winning when facing me at the Violet Palace Realm?”

Li Huai roared with laughter, and his voice revealed boundless resentment. Obviously, he’d recalled the scene of being defeated by Chen Xi at Bloodbath City. “Once I kill you, I’ll dedicate this Goldsoul Divine Lotus to Miss Su and using this as an opportunity, she’ll surely agree to the marriage with me!”

“You’re about to die and you still have so much crap to spout.” Chen Xi shook his head, and he gazed straight at Li Huai as billowing battle intent surged out from his chest.

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