Chapter 54 - Playing Tricks

Chapter 54 - Playing Tricks

Along with the entrance of Su Jiao’s group into the Book Reserve Hall, the confrontational atmosphere became even more strained.

As they gazed at the two groups of people who were in conflict, Su Jiao and the group behind her had incomparably gloomy expressions with gazes filled with undisguised killing intent.

Another 13 people have come! Moreover, they’re all disciples of the various large powers of Dragon Lake City!

The Pheonixcloud Sect’s Fu Heng gasped inwardly. At this moment, the development of the situation had already exceeded his expectations, but the only thing that made him feel relieved was that due to the entrance of Su Jiao’s group, even if Chai Letian’s group wanted to make a move against him, they would surely have scruples.

The expressions of Chai Letian and the people behind him all went serious when they saw Su Jiao’s group and they lost their earlier expressions of having victory within their grasps.

At this moment, a shocking three way had formed within the hall, three powers each taking a corner and restraining each other, and a slight movement may affect the situation as a whole. Under these circumstances, no one dared make a rash move.

“Miss Su, the Book Reserve Hall has already been occupied by us now. All of you better not interfere here and harm the good relationship between each other, that wouldn’t be a good sight to behold.” Chai Letian said coldly.

Su Jiao who had a bellyful of rage from coming out empty handed from the Treasure Hall and Martial Dao Hall couldn’t help but sneer when she saw Chai Letian wanting to drive her off the moment he spoke. “Cut the crap, that old freak from your clan can’t scare me.”

“Audacious!” Yu Haobai behind Chai Letian shouted out explosively. “Senior Chai Shao is one of the few remaining Nether Transformation Realm cultivators within the southern territory, and you actually dare insult him as an old freak? You really have no idea of death or danger!”

“Hmph! Cut the crap! Isn’t it just comparing ancestors?”

Cang Bin who was beside Su Jiao sneered silently, then said, “Chai Letian has a Nether Transformation Realm ancestor backing him, but Miss Su’s elder brother Su Chan has already become the only closed door disciple of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Rebirth Realm sword cultivator, Ancestor Ling Du in a thousand years. Do you think that what you said has any meaning now?”

Ancestor Ling Du!

All the people present including Chai Letian seemed as if they’d heard an extremely terrifying thing, and their faces went pale in unison.

Su Jiao’s elder brother has actually become a disciple of Ancestor Ling Du?

Atop a concealed corner on the far away stone beams that were extremely high up, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked. If one were to speak in terms of the most formidable, then amongst the powers of Dragon Lake City, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect would take the top without a doubt.

Allegedly, there were quite many formidable Earthly Immortal Realm sword cultivators living in seclusion within Wanderingcloud Sword Sect!

Ancestor Ling Du was precisely a well-renowned Rebirth Realm sword cultivator within Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. His temper was explosive and slaughtered cruelly, and his reputation was extremely resounding within the entire southern territory’s cultivation world and could be said to be known by all.

“Hmph! No wonder you’re so confident. So it turned out lucky bastard, Su Chan, has become a disciple of Ancestor Ling Du.” Chai Letian’s expression quickly returned to normal, then he shook his head and said in disdain, “Su Chan is Su Chan, you Su Jiao are Su Jiao. Do you think Ancestor Ling Du would offend the ancestor of my clan for your sake?”

Su Jiao’s expression remained unfazed, yet she sighed inwardly, Chai Letian was correct indeed. She wasn’t directly related to Ancestor Ling Du after all and it was merely able to allow her to put on some tiger skin. It was absolutely impossible for her to get Ancestor Ling Du to offend a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator which was a Realm higher than himself for her sake.

However, Su Jiao was absolutely not a simple person, and her eyes balls revolved and she’d already thought of a plan. She paid no attention to Chai Letian and instead shot her gaze as Fu Heng and the others before saying with a smile, “I presume all of you are unwilling to enter the Book Reserve Hall but leave empty handed, right? How about we join forces and kill all of them? We’ll share all the jade slips within this hall equally, how about it?”

Fu Heng had never expected that Su Jiao would put forward such a suggestion, and he was stunned briefly before saying, “But…”

Su Jiao interrupted. “You don’t have to worry about anything else. This is the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain after all. So long as we don’t speak of it, then no one will know who’d killed anyone within this place.”

Right! So long as we annihilate Chai Letian’s group and share the jade slips amongst our two groups, who would be stupid enough to reveal this incident to another?

Fu Heng’s gaze burned with desire as he’d obviously been moved by Su Jiao’s words.

Su Jiao’s suggestion was indeed vicious and effective. Chai Letian’s group only consisted of eight Violet Palace Realm cultivators and weren’t able to compare with any of the other two groups. If they were to be attacked by the joint forces of these two groups, the two groups were indeed capable of completely annihilating Chai Letian’s group.

“Fellow Daoist Fu, if you dare do this, then you’ll surely regret it!” Chai Letian was eventually unable to maintain his composure, and his face abruptly went grim as he shouted, “Could it be that you’re not afraid that Su Jiao would burn the bridge after crossing it and kill all of you, then take possession of all the jade slips within this hall?”

Fu Heng was stunned and his expression once again became indecisive. Obviously, he was worried that Su Jiao would do this as well.

“How about all of you work together with me, we’ll annihilate Su Jiao’s groups. We’ll split these jade slips according to what you said earlier, how about a four to six split?” Chai Letian inwardly heaved a sigh of relief and struck while the iron was hot.

Fu Heng was in an extremely difficult position.

He’d completely never imagined that his group which was originally the weakest had become a hot cake that both of the other two groups had to fight for. It just so happened that for the sake of guarding against the others burning the bridge after crossing it, he couldn’t agree to either of the two groups.

What should I do?

When faced with such a situation, Fu Heng and the others behind him were all in a difficult situation between the two groups.

Dammit! If they continue discussing like this, they’ll figure something out sooner or later. In this way, how am I to take advantage of the commotion to sneak attack Chai Letian?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but become inwardly anxious when he saw the three groups of people not getting into battle for a long time, then a flash of inspiration flashed within his mind as he suddenly thought of an excellent plan.


Time trickled by, yet the atmosphere was more and more oppressive. The groups were unable to start a fight, nor were they able to split up the jade slips within the hall, and they could only stand by anxiously and waste time.

“In my opinion, our three groups shouldn’t contend with each other any longer. How about we discuss a way to share all these jade slips?” Chai Letian was finally impatient from waiting and he put forward his suggestion with reluctance in his heart.

“Alright, we agree if this is possible.” Su Jiao inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. She was afraid they’d continue wasting time like and another person would interfere into the matter, then the situation would be even more chaotic.

“The suggestion of Fellow Daoist Chai is indeed what we’re anxiously looking forward to.” Fu Heng let out a long sigh as well. Comparatively speaking, his group of was the weakest and possessed the strongest pressure, so he was naturally unwilling to get into a fight with the other two groups.

However, right at this moment, an unexpected voice abruptly resounded within the hall.

“Brother Chai, things aren’t going well. Those people from the Phoenixcloud Sect are actually gathering precious jade slips as well!”

Phoenixcloud Sect?

Gathering precious jade slips?

Everyone present was stunned when they heard this.

Chen Xi?

He’s actually still alive?

When this voice entered the ears of Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin, their hearts suddenly shook and their faces were filled with disbelief.

That trash is actually still alive? But what does he mean by what he just said? Chai Letian was stunned, then he figured it out and his face instantly went black like the bottom of a pan. God damn it! What atrocious methods!

Su Jiao had discerned who the owner of the voice was and her gaze swept towards behind Chai Letian. As expected, she didn’t notice a trace of Chen Xi. When she recalled the information revealed from what Chen Xi said, her face instantly when extremely icy cold and she started laughing out of extreme rage, then said word for word. “You, Chai Letian, deserve to be called scheming and calculating. You first send people to gather the precious jade slips, then put forward the suggestion to share the jade slips within the hall equally, leaving those trash jade slips to us… You’re truly going too far!”

“Miss Su, listen to me. Chen Xi is deceiving all of you, he hasn’t been one of us for a long time now…” Chai Letian hurriedly explained.

“It has already come to this and you still want to give excuses? Did you think I didn’t notice Chen Xi following all of you since he left Bloodbath City?”


As she spoke, a flying sword that was fiery red as if it was ablaze suddenly appeared in Su Jiao’s hand, and her expression was livid. “Looks like we can only resolve this through battle. Everyone, we’ve been played by these damnable bastards! Kill these two faced despicable people!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Cang Bin and the others recovered from their shock and the grievances accumulated from the Treasure Hall and Martial Dao Hall mixed with the rage from being deceived exploded out now with a bang. They all drew their weapons and gritted their teeth as they charged to attack Chai Letian’s group.

“I…” Chai Letian was enraged to the point his body trembled. He wanted to explain but before he could even finish what he wanted to say, he saw various Magic Treasures with threatening glows of spirit energy covering the entire heaven and earth as they smashed towards him. He didn’t dare hesitate as he drew out a Magic Treasure with a flick of his hand and moved to intercept the attacks.

God damn it! We’re innocent!

The others behind Chai Letian were incomparably aggrieved as well, but when they saw Su Jiao’s group attacking without distinguishing between black and white, they became enraged as well. Instantly, their faces went gloomy as they drew their personal Magic Treasures and entered the fray.


“Kill them!”


Su Jiao’s group of 13 and Chai Letian’s group of 8 were all Violet Palace Realm cultivators. At this moment, when they each executed the skills they were adept in, True Essence shook and roared within the hall. A terrifying stream of air was like a sharp saber as it swept through the surroundings, leaving behind shocking cracks on the walls of the hall.

There was an enormous blood-red sword that transformed into a flood dragon as it soared in the sky, biting and roaring.

There were over 100 flying swords with dense cold lights that were weaved together to form a sword formation which emitted billowing killing intent.

There were roiling black torrents that surged out from within a spirit streamer, rumbling as it charged towards its enemies.

All sorts of Magic Treasures, absolutely ingenious combat measures, and various lights that were disorderly and gorgeous yet filled with a terrifying aura… The destruction caused by all of these colliding with each other seemed to tear space into pieces.

The terrifying stream of air caused by the chaotic battle surged towards the surroundings and instantly blasted all the bookshelves in the hall onto the ground, destroying them into pieces. Whereas those jade slips that rolled all over the floor like mercury were pulverized into powder before transforming into ash that disappeared with the wind.

The wages for avarice was death!

It just so happened that at this moment, no one cared about the jade slips within the hall as they’d all gone berserk from the slaughter. They exerted all the might within their bodies as they roared and shouted, wishing for nothing more than to make their opponent die a miserable death in their hands. For a time, the scene seemed to be incomparably horrifying, like a living hell.

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