Chapter 52 - Pixiu

Chapter 52 - Pixiu


Chen Xi couldn’t help but gasp when he heard that this little fist-sized and snow white infant beast was actually a Pixiu!

A Pixiu was a primordial divine beast, and it was an existence amongst divine beasts with the most unique status. It devoured and collected the myriad of treasures of the world, and was looked up to as a symbol of auspiciousness since ancient times, as it possessed the bizarre ability to turn misfortune into luck.

“I never expected that a fallen sword immortal would actually be able to draw a Pixiu over to accumulate karmic luck for him, it’s truly heaven defying good fortune.” Ji Yu gazed at the Pixiu in his palm and repeatedly praised.

“Accumulate karmic luck?” Chen Xi was slightly muddled. According to his knowledge, karmic luck was unreal and difficult to understand. It was absolutely not something that could be seen with the naked eye, and it seemed extremely rare for there to be a method to change one’s karmic luck.

However, there was a publically acknowledged saying in the cultivation world, a person with exuberant karmic luck would usually receive providence from the Dao of the Heavens. The person’s cultivation would be ever successful and achieved without effort, moreover, the person would possess great fortune and obtain various enviable lucky encounters. Whereas a person with insufficient karmic luck would have a life full of misfortune. Although this misfortune wasn’t terrible to the extent of attracting an unexpected calamity, the person would have no chance of having any great luck during the person’s lifetime.

Of course, due to karmic luck being unreal and impossible to be noticed with the naked eye, the karmic luck of everyone would change according to various things that occurred.

At this moment, when he heard the Pixiu was actually able to accumulate the unreal karmic luck, it was obvious how shocked Chen Xi’s mind was.

Ji Yu nodded. “Exactly. Towards ordinary people in the world, a Pixiu is an auspicious beast that brings in wealth and treasure. But to cultivators, possessing a Pixiu at their side, they would be completely capable of turning a person’s life around, or even the karmic luck of an entire sect!”

As he spoke up to here, Ji Yu’s expression was complicated and he went silent for a long time, then he sighed. “In short, you’ll understand the use of karmic luck once your cultivation attains the Heavenly Immortal Realm.”

Heavenly Immortal Realm again?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall the instructions of his mother, Zuoqiu Xue. She’d said that only when he’d attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm would he be able to see her, otherwise, it would only be a disaster and not fortune.

Whereas at this moment, because of a fist-sized infant Pixiu and the divine ability it possesses to accumulate karmic luck once again involved attaining the Heavenly Immortal Realm, causing Chen Xi to faintly feel that it seemed that he would only have the qualifications to do anything he wanted to do once he attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

“Hmm?” Ji Yu’s expression slightly twitched as he seemed to have noticed something, and he said, “Someone has entered the Treasure Hall, we have to take action quickly.”

Chen Xi’s heart constricted and he hurriedly pushed open the chamber door and walked in.

At the moment he entered, six incomparably enormous white jade racks entered his eyes, and they were labeled at the top in order of yellow-rank, profound-rank, earth-rank, heaven-rank, immortal artifact, and rare items. Obviously, these six enormous white jade racks were precisely the place the immortal, Nether Enlightenment, used to store his treasures.


At this moment, the six white jade racks were instead completely empty!

“Why is it like this?” Chen Xi hurriedly walked forward and his gaze swept past the white jade racks. Not to mention Magic Treasures, there wasn’t even a hair on the racks, as it was squeaky clean.

“Oh, now I remember. The treasures here ought to have been eaten by this Pixiu.” Ji Yu was stunned as well, then he quickly recovered from his shock, then shook his head as he laughed. “How could I have forgotten? This little fellow loves to eat treasures and rare items. So long as it carried spirit energy with it, then no matter what it was, it would all be a delicacy in its mouth.”

Chen Xi was instead unable to laugh and his gaze stared right at the Pixiu in Ji Yu’s palm. He was truly unable to imagine how a body that was the size of a fist was actually able to eat treasures that filled an entire room! How could this be possible?


The furry and snow white infant Pixiu that was like a little lion bared its fangs at Chen Xi as it roared twice, and it seemed to be demonstrating its might. But when coupled with its tender roar and pair of clear pitch black little eyes, it didn’t seem ferocious but instead was extremely cute. If a girl were to see it, the girl would surely knead it into a ball in her arms.

“Then haven’t we come here for nothing?” Chen Xi muttered, and as he gazed at the empty white jade rack that was labeled with ‘immortal artifact.’ He really wished for nothing more than to choke the Pixiu to death.

Immortal Artifacts!

Just these two words caused his blood to boil, but it just so happened that he’d missed the opportunity to possess one…

“How could this be considered as coming here for nothing? I think your gains are already great enough. Look properly, this is a Pixiu!” Ji Yu was extremely puzzled, and he said, “Even if you have over 10,000 immortal artifacts, it would still be unable to compare with a Pixiu!”

Chen Xi looked at Ji Yu’s serious and solemn expression and gaped, and he could only forcefully swallow his belly full of grievance.

“Senior Ji Yu, let’s go to the Book Reserve.”

Chen Xi turned around to walk out of the chamber, and he still felt extreme regret in his heart as he said inwardly, If it’s eaten then it’s eaten, there shouldn’t be any divine beast that likes to eat those cultivation techniques, right?

Step! Step! Step!

A wave of constant footsteps resounded.

Not long after Chen Xi left, a young man in royal blue clothing excitedly pushed open the chamber door and walked in.

“Eh!” When he saw the ‘immortal artifact’ and other labels on the six white jade racks, his expression suddenly became excited, and his breathing became hurried as well. However, when his gaze descended onto the completely empty racks, his face instantly froze, and his body started to tremble involuntarily as a mouthful of fresh blood surged out of his throat.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! God dammit! Everything from yellow-rank Magic Treasures to Immortal Artifacts were here, yet someone beat me to the punch and wiped it squeaky clean… Motherfucker! It’s fine if you take the larger portion, but you don’t even leave scraps for others?”

The lips of the blue clothed young man trembled as he emitted a sharp howl full of grief, and his voice was so loud that it spread throughout the entire Treasure Hall’s corridors.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In next to no time, numerous figures appeared within this chamber, and as they gazed at the six completely empty white jade racks, they knew that someone had beaten them to the punch. Their expressions became extremely unsightly.

“Bloody hell! If I find out who did this, I’ll definitely skin him alive!”

“Look at the words, Immortal Artifacts were stored on that white jade rack! It was actually swept clean by someone, he… he… We’re all fellow daoists, how could he have been so selfish?”

“Truly going too far. He doesn’t even know the rules of the cultivation world. He’s too god damn virtueless!”

These young men and women were the young geniuses from the great powers of Dragon Lake City and were existences like favored geniuses of the gods. Normally, they were extremely arrogant and haughty, and they’d entered the sword immortal’s abode this time while carrying extremely large hopes.

However, at this moment, as they gazed upon the completely empty surroundings, they recalled how they’d been exhausted to death all the way here and took such a huge risk coming here, yet didn’t get anything. They didn’t care about bearing any longer as they burst out all at once, insulting that fellow who greedily emptied out the entire room and left nothing behind.

“Did all of you not find any treasures within the other chambers?” Su Jiao expression was extremely unsightly, as she’d searched over 100 chambers earlier but actually didn’t find a single treasure.



The others were stunned, then they repeatedly nodded as they agreed with what the others said before them.

Su Jiao was extremely furious as she stared fixedly at the six completely empty white jade racks and said, “Looks like this is the true place that treasures are stored within the Treasure Hall, but it just so happened that someone has beat us to the punch. Truly detestable!”

“Is it Du Qingxi’s group?” Cang Bin said suddenly, his face was pitch black like the bottom of a pan. Obviously, he was extremely aggrieved as well.

“Impossible, we arrived before them.” Su Jiao shook her head in denial.

“Then… Is it those Violet Palace Realm cultivators that came from others places in the southern territory?” Cang Bin still clearly remembered that when they left Bloodbath City, his group wasn’t the first to have left.

“Never mind, let's not think about it for now. This place is only the Treasure Hall and we haven’t gone to the other halls. Now that the Treasure Hall has already been completely robbed of everything it had, we can’t allow others to take the treasures within the other halls.”

Su Jiao took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the rage in her heart before slowly saying, “If we’re able to hurry over in time, we even might be able to find that fellow that robbed the Treasure Hall of everything!”

The others awoke from their rage when they heard this, and they understood that what Su Jiao said was indeed the most important matter right now. Immediately, all of them carried their bellyful of grievance as they dashed out of the Treasure Hall under Su Jiao’s lead.

They desperately urged their True Essence and didn’t stop a moment on the way at all.

Just you wait, kid. This Young Master’s things aren't so easily taken!

God damn it! If I catch this kid, I’ll surely skin him alive, inch by inch!

This fellow is too cruel! I wonder if this fellow is a man or a woman. If he’s a man, then if the Dao Companion this Young Miss has in the future is of similar virtue to him, I’ll fucking kill him!

After a quarter of an hour.

Su Jiao led the others out of a hall with a gloomy expression.

“What a rubbish Martial Dao Hall! There were just a few rocks in there, it was even inferior to my Azuresun Sect’s training grounds…” One of them couldn’t refrain from saying angrily.

Su Jiao couldn’t endure it any longer and snapped. “Shut up!”

At this moment, she was truly unable to control her feelings any longer. They went to the Treasure Hall, but someone had beaten them to the punch and cleaned it out. They’d come to the Martial Dao Hall, but there were only some lousy rocks used for cultivating sword techniques. Not mentioning having gone these places for nothing, they’d also wasted a huge amount of time. How could she be able to endure the rage in her heart when she thought of the possibility that others might be dividing up the treasures within the other halls right now?

“Let’s go! We’ll go to the other hall. Even if all the treasures have been obtained by others, we’ll seize it from them!” Killing intent openly raged within Su Jiao’s voice.

The others all revealed fierce gazes when they saw this and they followed behind Su Jiao to violently dash forward. The strengths of these people were fairly outstanding in the first place, coupled with the flames of rage that broke out within their chests, it was only a short moment before they’d already arrived before another hall.

“Book Reserve Hall? Dammit, someone has gone in!” Su Jiao’s eyes lit up, but her face couldn’t help but go cold when she saw the half open door, and she said word for word, “Looks like we really have to kill others and seize the treasures.”

“God damn it! I’ve been wanting to kill someone since a long time ago!”

“I was waiting for you to say this, this Young Master is about to die from grievance.”

“Let’s go!”

Everyone had a bellyful of grievance and practically didn’t need to be notified as they impatiently charged into the hall with raging killing intent, and their appearances seemed like bandits that wished for nothing more than to kill people and rob them.

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