Chapter 51 - Treasure Hall

Chapter 51 - Treasure Hall

“This fellow whose Dao name is Nether Enlightenment is indeed an extremely formidable sword immortal, since he was able to attain a Grand Dao of the sword.” Ji Yu picked up the note and viewed it for a short moment, then he shook his head and sighed. “Unfortunately, he only overcame eight of the nine levels of heavenly tribulation. He was only a step away from ascending into the ranks of Heavenly Immortals. If you carefully consider it, this fellow, Nether Enlightenment, can only be considered to be a formidable fallen sword immortal.”

Fallen immortal?

Chen Xi extremely shocked inwardly. Even a fallen immortal was a terrifying existence that was currently difficult for him to reach.


The yellowish note that was written with blood-red cinnabar suddenly lit ablaze within Ji Yu’s hand and transformed into ash that scattered into the air.

“Why did you destroy it?” Chen Xi asked in astonishment. Every word on this note was filled with dense and mighty Sword Insight; observing and understanding it would be extremely beneficial to cultivating sword techniques.

Ji Yu had his hands behind his back as he said indifferently, “A Sword Dao that can’t even withstand the heavenly tribulation is not worth learning.”

Chen Xi still felt it was a pity and said in a daze, “But, I can learn from his strong points to overcome my own weak points.”

“You have to remember that the most important thing on the path of sword cultivation is to possess a pure heart towards the sword that’s firm and tenacious. This note was left behind by him when he was obsessed to the point it became an inner demon. His aura is irritable and in disorder, and the Sword Dao atop the note is extremely disorderly. Using it to learn and train would only destroy the path of your Sword Dao.”

Ji Yu said emotionally, “One day, if you’re able to pass the 13th level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, and see the unparalleled Sword Insight left behind by that peerless sword immortal when he tried to get through the Heavenpeak of Trials, you’ll understand what the true path of a sword cultivator is.”

“No matter how formidable he was, didn’t he still die there?”

When he first met Ji Yu, Chen Xi had once heard Ji Yu mention that during this 1 million years, for the sake of obtaining the inheritance left by Ji Yu’s master, countless formidable cultivators had once challenged the Heavenpeak of Trials. Moreover, amongst them, the most formidable was a peerless sword immortal from hundreds of thousands of years ago. But, the sword immortal had merely passed the 13th level of the Heavenpeak of Trials before meeting his end.

Ji Yu shook his head, then sighed. “It isn’t the same, it isn’t the same.”

The note had already turned to ash, so saying any more was of no use. Chen Xi quickly placed his attention onto the surroundings, and as he looked at the empty room, he couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Ji Yu, this is really the sword immortal’s abode?”

“If my inference isn’t mistaken, then this is the main hall that the immortal, Nether Enlightenment, stayed in.” Ji Yu’s gaze swept the surroundings, and he suddenly stretched out his hand to point at the jade bed. “Sit on it and circulate your True Essence.”

A flash of wisdom appeared in Chen Xi’s mind when he heard this, and said, “This jade bed wouldn’t be the control center of the entire sword immortal’s abode, right?”

“Exactly. But with your current strength, you’re still unable to bind this immortal estate. You can only rely on it to observe the entire immortal estate.”

As the spirit of the Manor that had lived for a million years, Ji Yu obviously knew all of this like the back of his hand, and casually said, “If you want to obtain some valuable treasures, then you should quickly figure out the distribution of this immortal estate. Take action swiftly. You’re already later than those people by three days after all.”

Chen Xi naturally didn’t dare dally. When he sat on the jade bed, he felt a cool and refreshing stream of air suffuse into his entire body, causing his mind to be unable to refrain from becoming calm. Obviously, this jade bed had a marvelous effect towards cultivating as well.


As soon as he circulated his True Essence, Chen Xi felt his mind chime, and a lifelike image suddenly appeared before his eyes. On the top of the image were labels that said Book Reserve Hall, Treasure Hall, etc. Shockingly, it was the layout map of this immortal estate!

Chen Xi viewed them one by one and couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

It turned out that this sword immortal’s estate was extremely enormous, covering an area of about 500 km. The outer area of the estate was eight winding passageways that were long and narrow, and they were respectively named as Fortune, Misfortune, Compliment, Slander, Praise, Ridicule, Pain, and Joy; implying the truth behind the eight things that can move a person’s heart.

A terrifying Triple Goldenarc Sword Formation was concealed within the ‘Fortune’ passageway, countless demonic souls roamed about the ‘Misfortune’ passageway, Blackflame Lava from the core of the land flowed like a large river within the ‘Slander’ passageway…

Regardless of which passageway, terrifying killing intent was concealed within all of them!

Chen Xi shuddered with fear as he saw this and said inwardly, “If I were to enter the estate through these eight passageways with my current cultivation, I’m afraid it would basically be courting death.”

The end of the eight passageways was the core area of the estate, and it was once again divided into four areas which were respectively the Book Reserve Hall, Treasure Hall, Hundred Herb Hall, and Martial Dao Hall. At the center of these four great halls was the main hall that Chen Xi currently resided in, and it was also the control center of the entire estate.

Within these four secondary halls, various chambers were densely distributed like an ant hill, and what treasure was stored within was unknown.

However, Chen Xi was elated that the main hall he resided in just happened to be able to lead directly to these four secondary halls, and the way was without booby traps.

“Senior Ji Yu, do you think I should go to the Treasure Hall or Book Reserve Hall first?”

Chen Xi was slightly hesitant. Just as its name implied, the Treasure Hall surely contained the various Magic Treasures and weapons left behind by the immortal, Nether Enlightenment. Whereas the Book Reserve Hall naturally contained various cultivation techniques. These two categories of things obviously possessed equally great temptation to a cultivator.

As for the Hundred Herb Hall that cultivated treasures of heaven and earth, its temptation was equally great. But to Chen Xi, its attractiveness was far inferior to the Treasure Hall and Book Reserve Hall.

Whereas the Martial Dao Hall would presumably be the place the immortal, Nether Enlightenment, trained his martial techniques, and its attractiveness to Chen Xi wasn’t great.

“Hmm?” Before Ji Yu could even speak, Chen Xi suddenly noticed that there were shockingly ten plus white halos moving on the map and had already left the ‘Praise’ passageway.

“The white halos ought to represent the cultivators that have entered the estate so that the immortal, Nether Enlightenment, would be able to control everything from here.”

Chen Xi pondered inwardly for a short moment before his heart shook as he realized a trace of something wrong. “There are only eight people in Chai Letian’s group, so these white halos ought to be Su Jiao’s group, and looking at the direction they are heading, it’s precisely the Treasure Hall… This won’t do! I absolutely can’t allow them to benefit!”


Chen Xi stood up and charged out without hesitation.

“What have you found?” Ji Yu floated in the air as he followed Chen Xi. He didn’t look at the map but was able to discern that Chen Xi’s expression was off.

“Someone is entering the Treasure Hall soon.” Chen Xi replied as he dashed rapidly.

“That little Su Clan girl?”


“Oh, we’ll completely clean out the Treasure Hall and cause her to be unable to obtain a single treasure. It’s indeed an extremely happy thing. Chen Xi, I support you in doing this.”

“…” Chen Xi was stunned, I never imagined that such a cool figure like Senior Ji Yu would have the lofty sentiments of hating injustice like poison.

In next to no time, the two of them went along the side door to rush into the Treasure Hall.

“So many secret chambers?”

Chen Xi’s head couldn’t help but ache at the moment he entered the Treasure Hall and gazed at the zigzag corridor that was filled with chambers. If he were to search them one by one, he didn’t know how long it would take before he was able to find the true location that the treasures were hidden in.

“Follow me!” Ji Yu’s gaze swept the surroundings, and he was silent for a moment before floating along the corridor to head deep into the Treasure Hall.

Looks like I got worried for nothing. With Senior Ji Yu here, why should I worry about being unable to find those treasures? Chen Xi was extremely elated in his heart as he followed Ji Yu.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Not long after Chen Xi’s figure had vanished deep within the corridor, the main door of the Treasure Hall that had been sealed for 10,000 years was opened.

“This is the Treasure Hall?” As she felt the pure and thick spirit energy that flowed in the air and gazed at the numerous chambers that densely covered and extended into the depths of the Treasure Hall, Su Jiao couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise and her eyes were filled with burning desire.

“Haha! Our luck is too good indeed!” Cang Bin laughed loudly with an expression that was extremely elated. “I heard that immortal estates are divided into various great halls, but in terms of the most valuable, it was undoubtedly the Treasure Hall that stored various treasures.”

“Everyone, we have no time to lose. Since so many chambers exist here, we can only split up. As for whether we’re able to find any treasures, it will be up to our own fate.” Su Jiao said with an excited tone.

“Haha! Precisely! If your luck has arrived, then you might be able to obtain an immortal treasure!” Cang Bin was extremely excited as well.

“Then let’s split up!”

“OK! This suggestion isn’t bad. There are so many treasures and if we rely on our own fate, then the problem of dividing the treasures wouldn’t exist. It couldn’t be better.”

The other people spoke out in approval.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of them swiftly dispersed and dashed towards the chambers in various places within Treasure Hall.

They dashed forward for the time an incense stick took to burn before Ji Yu abruptly stopped, his gaze shooting towards the nearby chamber that seemed ordinary.

“No wonder. So the door is actually suffused with a trace of the aura of Chaotic Lifesoil[1. Chaos here refers to the scene when the world was created].” A rare trace of surprise was emitted from Ji Yu’s ancient eyes.

Whereas when Chen Xi heard the word ‘Chaotic Lifesoil’ his entire body went still and he almost didn’t dare believe his ears.

The Chaotic Lifesoil was a rare item that wasn’t within the five elements. According to legend, at the chaotic times during the absolute beginning of the world, numerous beings of the chaotic era were born from Chaotic Lifesoil. Once the heaven and earth were separated from each other and the three dimensions were established, Chaotic Lifesoil was buried within boundless time and had never appeared ever again.

Of course, this was merely a legend Chen Xi had heard and its truth couldn’t be verified. But when he found out that a trace of the aura of Chaotic Lifesoil was actually suffused on the chamber door before him, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked fiercely.

“This trace of Chaotic Lifesoil aura has already become extremely faint, and it can’t be gathered at all.” Ji Yu’s eyes faintly gazed at the chamber door and muttered to himself. “But, this chamber door actually has a trace of Chaotic Lifesoil aura, the thing stored within is surely extraordinary.”

As he spoke, Ji Yu casually pushed open the chamber door.


The door had only just been slightly opened when a black silhouettes shot out swiftly like lightning.

“I knew long ago that this would happen… Want to run? It isn’t that easy!”

Ji Yu smiled indifferently, and he flicked his sleeve as he spoke. A misty azure fog flowed like a waterfall as it swept out to instantly envelop that black silhouette before dropping onto Ji Yu’s palm.

The Azure fog dispersed to reveal the appearance of the black silhouette, and to Chen Xi’s astonishment, the black silhouette was actually a fist-sized infant beast!


The infant beast was entirely white as snow and furry, like a mini white lion. When it saw Chen Xi gazing over, it glared with its pitch black and clear little eyes, then bared its fangs as it emitted a roar, but its roar was extremely tender and didn’t possess the slightest bit of deterrent force.

“It’s actually an infant Pixiu[1.]!”

When he saw this infant beast, Ji Yu who’d always been indifferent as if he’d see through all worldly matters emitted a rare and involuntary exclaim of shock.

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