Chapter 49 - Cavern

Chapter 49 - Cavern


A black silhouette was like an enormous falling meteor as it fiercely smashed onto the jet-black rocks that were covered in dust and emitted a stifling bang.

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Xi was stimulated awake by severe pain. The incomparable pain that was like his heart was pierced by ten thousand swords and bitten by a myriad of ants, caused him to slightly recover a trace of consciousness and open his eyes. What greeted his eyes was dense miasma and fog that was impossible to dissipate, and he was unable to clearly see his surroundings.

The only thing Chen Xi could confirm was that he didn’t die and this place was obviously the bottom of the chasm in the Crimsonflame Mountain Range.

“You’re awake?” Accompanied by this voice, the surrounding bewitching blood red fog suddenly scattered away to reveal Ji Yu’s thin face.

Chen Xi stretched his body for a moment, and besides the fiery pain in his body, he didn’t feel any other discomfort. He then gritted his teeth as he crawled up to a stand, and he was already sweating profusely from pain when he achieved this.

“Experiencing this incident is a good thing for you.” Ji Yu’s expression seemed extremely solemn, and he said in a low voice, “You must always remember that unless it’s a friendship sword for life and death, otherwise, leaving your back to another is disrespect to your own life!”

Chen Xi silently nodded. If he was slightly vigilant at that time, it would be unlikely that Chai Letian would have been successful in his surprise attack.

“Let’s go.” Ji Yu seemed to understand as well that this incident was a huge blow to Chen Xi, so when he saw Chen Xi acknowledging his view, he didn’t speak any further. His figure swayed and the tip of his foot didn’t touch the ground as he floated towards the depths of the fog like a little boat.

Chen Xi glanced around at the surroundings, then asked in a daze. “Go where?”

“50 km forward from here is the location of the foundation of this formation. If you want to walk out of here then destroy its foundation.” Ji Yu’s voice floated out from within the fog.

Baleful qi and fog billowed in the air and howls of baleful beasts resounded.

Chen Xi followed behind Ji Yu. As he gazed upon the crimson-red fog that was dense like lava and the packs of baleful beasts that rampaged within the fog, his nerves were strained to the limit.

He’d even once seen a baleful beast that was the size of an entire hill slowly walking out of the fog, and the ferocious and terrifying aura that it emitted caused him to feel suffocated.

However, surprisingly, so long as he followed behind Ji Yu, not only would the dense fog automatically scatter, but even those baleful beasts wouldn’t dare approach. All along the way, they actually never encountered a single attack!

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

Ji Yu stopped before a jet-black rock wall within the chasm.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look and he saw that various dense patterns that were like decorative patterns were inscribed on the jet-black rock wall. The patterns were rough as if formed naturally, some places were already blurred and indistinct, and they carried an aged and desolate ancient aura.

“Looks like my inference is correct. Sure enough, this mountain range is a Baleful Condensation Formation.”

Ji Yu sized up the patterns on the rock wall for a moment before walking forward, then he swished his sleeve and a wisp of dense azure fog swept out and struck against the rock wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The jet-black rock wall with innumerable patterns inscribed on it opened up from the center to reveal a pitch-black cavern. At the same time, an extremely icy cold aura whistled out. Everywhere it passed, a layer of thick black ice was instantly condensed on the ground!

So cold!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shudder when this icy cold aura blew upon him and his teeth chattered. He hurriedly circulated his True Essence, and only then was he able to dissolve the icy cold aura that invaded his body.

After following behind Ji Yu to enter the cavern, Chen Xi saw clearly the environment within.

This place seemed to be an extremely ancient cavern with dark-azure rock walls that were craggy and mottled surrounding the cavern. The natural marbling seemed crude and dull, without a trace of artificial polishing.

Furthermore, at the center of the cavern was a pool in the shape of an octagonal prism. Eight swords with oppressively cold gleams were inserted within the eight corners of the pool. Circles of ripples appeared atop the pure black colored milky liquid that was slowly flowing within the pool, and a bone piercing icy coldness diffused out from it.

The most eye-catching of it all was a fully bloomed black lotus in the center of the pool. The lotus had 36 petals that were like black jade and glowed with a trace of a calming energy.

Ji Yu walked around the side of the pool then shook his head and sighed. “There are baleful qi drawing swords, a baleful qi condensing lotus, and and eight containment bottle to hold the baleful qi. The person who set-up this formation prepared fully, but unfortunately, the quality of these are all too inferior. Moreover, it lacks a Spirit Drawing Pearl. Without someone to control the formation, it could only lay waste until now.”

Chen Xi was completely muddled and said inwardly, They are treasures used by a supreme talisman formation grandmaster to set-up the formation, but why have they become treasures of inferior quality to Senior Ji Yu?

“However, these things are still usable to you.” Ji Yu pondered for a moment then flicked his sleeve. The eight swords at the side of the pool cried out in unison, then lifted off the ground and transformed into eight dazzlingly bright flowing lights as they descended onto Ji Yu’s palm.

“These eight swords were originally heaven-rank Magic Treasures, but unfortunately they’ve been sealed here for too long and have experienced the corrosion of Netherezim Baleful Qi for countless years. Now, they are at most have the might of a top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures.”

Ji Yu evaluated before tossing the eight swords to Chen Xi, then he once again flicked his sleeve and the black lotus at the center of the pool was pulled out by the roots and descended onto his palm.

“This lotus isn’t bad. It’s an Icesoul Heartlotus that’s born from the heaven and the earth. Placing it by your side while cultivating will provide the marvelous effect of wiping out your inner demons and cleansing your mind.”

As he spoke, Ji Yu extended his hand to lightly stroke the black lotus and strands of baleful qi dissipated out from the lotus, instantly transforming it into a snow white lotus that emitted a cool and refreshing aura. “I’ve already helped you get rid of the baleful qi contained within this lotus, take it!”

Chen Xi glanced at the row of tiny flying swords in his right palm, then glanced at the Icesoul Heartlotus he’d just obtained, and his heart was filled with excitement.

In the cultivation world, weapons were divided into two main categories according to their quality, namely mortal weapons and Magic Treasures.

Postnatal Realm cultivators and Congenital Realm cultivators were only able to utilize mortal weapons, and the Azurebolt Sword that Chen Xi used before was a high-grade mortal weapon.

Only after developing his Violet Palace and establishing his Dao Foundation would he be able to control a Magic Treasure.

Magic Treasures were divided into four ranks, namely the yellow-rank, profound-rank, earth-rank and heaven-rank. Every rank was further divided into four grades, namely the low-grade, intermediate-grade, high-grade and top-grade.

Furthermore, above Magic Treasures were Immortal Artifacts!

However, to Chen Xi, an Immortal Artifact was too far away after all, as it was practically an existence that could only be chanced upon by luck and not sought after. At this moment, possessing eight top-grade yellow-rank flying swords had already caused him to be uncontrollably happy.

Moreover, the Icesoul Heartlotus was marvelous and extraordinary. With it in his possession, not only would he be able to repel his inner demons to prevent qi deviation, it was even able to provide great benefits to his cultivation speed.

“These eight swords experienced the corrosion of Netherezim Baleful Qi for 10,000 years, but have fallen into my hands in the end. It’s a type of fate as well, why don’t I call them Netherezim Swords?”

Chen Xi had already rushed to start naming his Magic Treasures, then he frowned as he said inwardly, I’m only at the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm now, I’m afraid I’m temporarily unable to control these Netherezim Swords.

“Chen Xi, the baleful qi within this pool is dense to the point it has turned liquid. It’s extremely suitable for you to temper your physique.” Ji Yu’s voice sounded out from beside the pool.

Chen Xi hurriedly tossed the Netherezim Swords and Icesoul Heartlotus into his storage ring, then walked over and asked, “What should I do?”

Ji Yu pointed at the pool. “Jump in and circulate the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts. But you must be careful, even though this baleful qi can’t compare to the baleful qi from the stars, it’s still the renowned Netherezim Baleful Qi that’s incomparably cold. If you feel you’re unable to persist, then quickly come out.”

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate as he removed his clothes right away, then walked towards the pool.

The instant his skin came into contact with the layer of pure black colored liquid within the pool, a bone piercing icy coldness was like an awl as it fiercely pierced into his skin before flowing throughout his body. Chen Xi’s face instantly became a bluish violet color and his body shivered violently and uncontrollably.


Chen Xi didn’t dare delay and sat in the pool with a splash. The instant he did this, he concentrated his mind and abandoned all distracting thoughts before swiftly circulating the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts.

The liquid form Netherezim Baleful qi within the pool was just enough to cover Chen Xi’s neck to only reveal his head. He tightly shut his eyes as a layer of thick black ice was instantly condensed over his face. From far away, Chen Xi was like a wax sealed stone carving.

“This kid is so obedient, he actually didn’t ask me why I wanted him to do that…”

Ji Yu took out his wine gourd and took a few gulps, then shook his head and sighed. “Looks like I’ve taken too good care of him. Too much dependence will cause him to forever be unable to become a true expert.”

“However, once he advances to the Violet Palace Realm and passes the first level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, I’ll probably be unable to come out any longer. Mmm, I’ll just continue taking care of him. All those years ago, Master took good care like this as well…”

His voice grew lower and lower before gradually fading away. Ji Yu seemed to have recalled some past event that he couldn’t bear to look back onto, and a wisp of sorrow that was dense to the point it couldn’t be dispelled appeared within his eyes that had experienced many vicissitudes of life.


Bone piercing icy coldness!

Chen Xi felt an icy river flowing between the flesh, blood, and bones of his entire body, and that icy coldness that suffused out from within his body caused him to gradually lose all consciousness.

However, his soul still maintained extreme lucidity and calmness as he systematically circulated his mental cultivation method to slowly absorb drop after drop of the terrifying Netherezim Baleful Qi, using this to temper the skin, bones, flesh and muscles.

Compared to the pain that the baleful qi of the stars brought to him, the icy cold feeling caused by this Netherezim Baleful Qi was instead much less of a burden to Chen Xi.

Currently, Chen Xi’s cultivation in body refinement had already broken through to the Congenital Realm a long time ago. At this moment, continuing to cultivate intently with the help of the Netherezim Baleful Qi caused his cultivation to advance at a noticeable speed.

Three days later.

A wave of cracking sounds from something shattering into tiny pieces suddenly sounded out within the quiet cavern.

Chen Xi stood up within the pool as the thick layer of black ice that had condensed atop his skin shattered piece by piece and trickled down like powder. Revealing a formidable physique with perfect and masculine lines, like a masterpiece that was chiseled out by the hand of a god and was full of an enchanting luster.


Chen Xi stretched his muscles and felt the vital energy within his entire body was boiling, seeming as if he could lift a mountain with a raise of his hand.

Moreover, numerous faint black patterns were vaguely visible on his backbone and seemed to be extremely mysterious.

Ji Yu lay on the rattan chair as his gaze swept Chen Xi’s back and he said indifferently, “Veins of shaman markings have appeared on his back. Looks like his body refinement cultivation has advanced to the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm.”

Perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm in body refinement!

Chen Xi was stunned speechless. I’ve attained the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm in body refinement within three days?

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