Chapter 45 - Answer

Chapter 45 - Answer


Li Huai suddenly felt slightly amused. The battle had already come to this, but that trash before him was actually still so arrogant, seeming to not take him seriously at all!

“Hey, did you hear it clearly? Chen Xi wants to use a pair of fists to defeat Li Huai?”

“Er… It seems that he did indeed say that.”

“The last struggle before defeat? But I keep having the feeling that Chen Xi isn’t the type of person who likes to boast.”

Everyone present felt speechless when they saw Chen Xi tossing away the broken sword in his hand and wanting to defeat Li Huai with his pair of fists. Regardless of how hard a fist was, would it be able to withstand the might of a Magic Treasure?


Some people with nimble minds suddenly thought of a possibility, and their eyes rapidly shot at Chen Xi.

When resisting Li Huai’s sword light attack earlier, Chen Xi’s clothes had already been torn to pieces and were scattered on the ground and his bare upper body was completely revealed in the air. With a careful observation, one could notice that piece after piece of clearly defined muscles were distributed on his thin and tall body, he was like a chiseled statue with well-defined lines that glowed with a jade-like luster, as if explosive strength was concealed within.

His thin and handsome face, formidable physique with muscles that were interconnected, and his cold and determinate expression, these three combined together, it brought about a strong visual impact.

School of Fiendgod Body Refinement?


Before everyone could wrap their heads around it, Chen Xi vanished on the spot in the next moment. Li Huai only felt something flash before his eyes and a fist that brought along a dazzling light tore through his vision as it suddenly appeared before him.


Li Huai’s pupils abruptly dilated. Chen Xi’s fist was like a thunder strike and it tore through the sky and caused circle upon circles of ripples in the air. This was a formidable force that could only be formed from strength being condensed to a terrifying degree!

Li Huai didn’t dare delay and he practically instinctively raised his right arm, and at the critical moment, his Pine Ripple sword stabbed towards the fist that was approaching right towards him.


The sword and fist fiercely collided together, the expected scene of blood and flesh spattering didn’t occur, as Chen Xi’s fist was like cast iron and emitted a clanging sound of metal colliding.

Step! Step! Step!

Li Huai successively took three steps back, and his expression fluctuated between a pale and grim expression.

School of Fiendgod Body Refinement!

Earlier, Li Huai was forced to retreat for over 30m by Chen Xi’s sword strike; now, he was once again forced to retreat for three steps by Chen Xi’s punch!

When they saw this scene, besides containing shock within the gazes staring at Chen Xi, their gazes abruptly became complicated. This fellow really concealed his strength so deeply. His sword technique and movement technique have both attained the advanced-stage, and not only is his qi refinement cultivation extraordinary, he has even attained such a level of body refinement, he… Is he still that Jinx that everyone ridiculed? How many trump cards are actually concealed within his possession?

This fellow is actually able to use his body to defend against my Pine Ripple Sword, The body refinement cultivation of this fellow is even higher than I expected… But, let me see if your fists are harder or if my sword sharper! Li Huai secretly gritted his teeth, then his figure shot out like lightning. The force of his sword was like a great river and it carried along an outrageously fierce aura as it slashed towards Chen Xi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ear piercing and heavy sounds of clashing continuously echoed out, fist and sword collided with each other and cold lights suffused into the surroundings. The sword lights that splashed out tore open the ground and tore numerous shocking fissures, but they were unable to leave even a trace of a scar on Chen Xi’s formidable physique that was like jade.

At this moment, Chen Xi was like a madman, and his two fists were like a surging current that poured down from a precipice. He practically had a violently fierce bearing that seemed to be fearless of death as he willfully attacked, attacked, and attacked!

That formidable physique that was comparable to a Magic Treasure, the billowing battle intent that was raging violently and that fist technique that was like a raging storm caused everyone present to be dumbstruck as their minds shook violently.

This fellow’s fist technique is so formidable as well? He’s fucking bare-handed! Even body refiners don’t have bodies that can’t even be injured by Magic Treasures like this fellow!

As he gazed at the punches that whistled towards him like a surging wave with no end, Li Huai was aggrieved and enraged the more he fought. When faced with Chen Xi’s endless punches, he was only able to block the blows, and even if he tried to retaliate, his attacks would be taken head on by Chen Xi and smashed right back where they came from.

“Dammit! Looks like if I don’t resort to my trump card, you’d still think that I’m helpless against you!”

A short moment later, after he’d once again blocked Chen Xi’s fist, Li Huai was unable to endure this situation of being in a passive position and taking a beating anymore. His powerful arms spread out with a whoosh, like a red-crowned crane spreading open its wings, and his body became light as a feather and moved along with the wind from Chen Xi’s punch to glide backward.

Finally going to resort to his trump card? The hearts of everyone shook as they looked towards Li Huai with burning gazes.

“It’s too late!”

However, right at this moment a cold light streaked like lightning within Chen Xi’s indifferent eyes. Chen Xi’s figure charged forward with a boom, the fluctuations of the muscles within his entire body surged and echoed out with a string of sounds like rolling waves, and his body was like a flying dragon as the distance of tens of steps was actually traversed by him with a single step to directly arrive before Li Huai, utterly not giving Li Huai a slight chance to react.


Li Huai felt the surrounding air being forcefully squeezed out, then a fist that glowed with a jade-like luster was like a fired cannonball as it brought along a grand and irresistible raging roar as it suddenly and slowly enlarged within his pupils!

Cough! Cough!

In the eyes of the spectators, Li Huai’s throat seemed to have been choked by a shapeless hand, causing his expression to become dark purple from being suffocated. Li Huai’s chest rose and fell, seeming to be on the verge of exploding open, even breathing actually became extremely difficult for him and he didn’t even have the chance to open his mouth and admit defeat.


Chen Xi changed his fist into a claw to choke Li Huai’s throat, then Chen Xi held Li Huai up mid-air. Li Huai’s fragile neck bones emitted a wave of minute breaking sounds, causing Li Huai’s already dark purple face to suddenly become warped and vile from pain.

Li Huai is finished!

As they gazed upon Li Huai who was powerless to struggle within Chen Xi’s hand, everyone present was shocked speechless.

A piece of trash that no one looked favorably on since the beginning, a jinx that most people in Pine Mist City ridiculed. Yet at this moment, that very same trash and jinx had brought a string of surprise and shock to everyone. If they didn’t see it with their own two eyes, no one would believe that this artifice that was similar to a counteroffensive was real.

“He… He actually defeated Li Huai?” Atop the city gate, the smile on Su Jiao’s face had vanished and her eyes were filled with surprise and bewilderment, but even more of her feelings were that of disappointment and rage towards Li Huai.

She’d confidently wanted to humiliate Chen Xi before everyone, wanting him to cripple his own cultivation and wanting him to apologize to her… However, at this moment, as she gazed at Li Huai who was held in Chen Xi’s hand like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered, it was like a resounding slap was fiercely swung onto her face, and she’d lost all face!

“Impatient and short tempered with poor combat experience. This Li Huai only has the name of a genius but his strength is actually extremely weak!” Cang Bin shook his head with a face full of disdain and he didn’t sympathize with Li Huai’s situation in the slightest.

“Did you see it clearly? That’s the Grand Collapsing Fist at the unity-stage!” Song Lin was instead not as excited as before when he saw Chen Xi obtaining victory, and he once again returned to his lazy appearance.

“I think I ought to properly improve my relationship with him. Such a cultivation in the Martial Dao is rare even in Dragon Lake City.” The gaze Duanmu Ze shot at Chen Xi already carried along a trace of admiration.

Du Qingxi didn’t say anything, but a trace of an inexplicable smile had appeared on her glittering cherry lips. Obviously, she was extremely happy as well that Chen Xi was able to obtain the final victory.

“He won!”

“Senior Chen Xi has won!”

“I knew Senior Chen Xi could do it!”

Lu Shaocong and the others from Redleaf Institution couldn’t help but be excited, and they cheered in unison.

Chen Xi paid no attention to the surrounding discussions and cheers. His right hand still tightly held Li Huai’s throat as he carefully took precautions against any accidents. Only now did he raise his eyes to gaze at the city wall and say indifferently, “I won.”

Exactly! Under the gazes of everyone present, no one was able to deny this fact. Even if Su Jiao’s identity was any more respected, she still would absolutely not dare go against her word at this moment.

However, when she heard the indifferent words that came out of Chen Xi’s mouth, Su Jiao still felt a burst of speechlessness and embarrassment. She only recovered to her normal state after a short while and coldly said, “Yes, your strength has indeed exceeded my expectations.  I originally thought that after the annihilation of your clan, a piece of trash like that only knew how to craft talismans would have no chance of holding your head high in your lifetime. I never imagined that you would give me such a ‘pleasant surprise’ today!”

The words ‘pleasant surprise’ were spoken in a much heavier tone by her, as if the words were forced out of the cracks between her teeth, and it revealed dense reluctance and threat. Obviously, this ‘pleasant surprise’ had caused her to be enraged to the limit.

Chen Xi didn’t say anything further, and his pair of eyes were still as icy cold and indifferent as before.

Since the moment he’d fought Li Huai, he’d already openly offended the Li Clan and the Su Clan, and there was no room for compromise or redemption anymore. Moreover, Chen Hao had already followed Meng Kong to the southern territory, and if everything went as planned, Chen Hao would have already entered Wandering Cloud Sword Sect by now. At this moment, he was all alone and had nothing to worry about anymore. Why would he be afraid of the threatening intent that Su Jiao revealed?

Su Jiao felt a burst of rage in her heart from Chen Xi’s silent attitude and said coldly, “Quickly speak your three questions. I’m afraid I’ll be unable to endure it and kill you!”

Everyone present shut their mouths and pricked up their ears when they heard this, even Du Qingxi’s group of three looked at Chen Xi, as they wanted to hear what question Chen Xi would ask.

“Was the death of my grandfather incited by your Su Clan?” Chen Xi spoke word for word as if asking this question was incomparably strenuous.

It’s started!

Su Jiao sighed inwardly, she’d guessed long ago that Chen Xi would ask this, but she had to answer it truthfully, and the reason was the vow of the heart she’d established under the Dao of the Heavens.

Even if it was a cultivator who’d transcended to become a Heavenly Immortal, if the cultivator were to dare go against the vow of the heart that was established under the Dao of the Heavens, they would still encounter the harsh punishment of the Heavens Dao. A light offense would warrant their cultivation being crippled, and a heavy offense would warrant death.

Su Jiao naturally didn’t have the courage to challenge the authority of the Heaven’s Dao, she went silent for a moment before replying with an expressionless face. “Exactly.”


The hearts of everyone present trembled. As one of the six great clans of Dragon Lake City, there was nothing to be said against the Su Clan for destroying the marriage contract with Chen Xi. But continuously pressing on at Chen Xi and killing his relatives. Isn't that a bit too atrocious and ruthless?

Even though Chen Xi had guessed the answer since a long time ago, when he heard Su Jiao admit it herself, it still caused the hatred and rage that was suppressed within his heart for a long time to ceaselessly seethe.

“Did your Su Clan promise the Li Clan that so long as they trap me, my young brother, and my grandfather to death within Pine Mist City, and make our family live painfully with disdain and ridicule to the point we kill ourselves, then your Su Clan would agree upon your marriage with Li Huai?” Chen Xi took a deep breath and voiced his second question.

This question had always been like a poisonous thorn that pierced his heart. On the day his grandfather was ambushed, Chen Hao had used a Soundsaver Talisman to record the voices of the assailants. If it wasn’t for this, it would be impossible for Chen Xi to place all his suspicion onto the Li Clan and Su Clan.

The crowd instantly burst into an uproar!

Everyone present almost didn’t believe their ears when they heard this question. If the truth was as Chen Xi said, then wouldn’t the name ‘Jinx’ be something that the Su Clan and Li Clan joined forces to cook up?

“Exactly!” Su Jiao’s expression became colder and colder. Personally admitting the things her clan had done under the gazes of everyone caused her to feel incomparably embarrassed.

It’s actually true!

When those cultivators from Pine Mist City recalled the ridicule and mocking that Chen Xi had suffered all these years, they felt a burst of coldness in their hearts. Killing someone was just an order away, but to use such a method to torture someone until death, these methods were truly too despicable!

Su Jiao’s expression grew even icier and unsightly as she gazed upon the disdain and surprise on the faces of the surrounding crowd.


Chen Xi was on the verge of being unable to restrain the seething hatred within his heart, he took a deep breath and forcefully restrained this urge to go berserk, then he asked once again, “Why did you do this?”

“This was the unanimous decision of my Su Clan’s elders. As for the reason, even I don’t know.”

Su Jiao forcefully endured the embarrassment within her heart as she finished answering the three questions, then her gaze abruptly descended onto Chen Xi as she said in an icy voice, “I’ve finished answering the three questions. I presume you’re satisfied, right? But I’ll still give you a piece of advice, watch out! Don’t die in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain!”

After she finished speaking, Su Jiao wasn’t willing to stay here for a moment longer, so she turned around and vanished atop the city wall. Cang Bin followed Su Jiao to leave, and the two of them seemed to have forgotten Li Huai who was in Chen Xi’s hand.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi threw Li Huai out as if he was throwing away trash, and Li Huai fell to the ground around 30m away.

“You… You just wait!” Li Huai was in a sorry state as he crawled up from the floor, then he glanced at Chen Xi with a resentful gaze before rushing into Bloodbath City.

Duanmu Ze walked over to Chen Xi and he shook his head and sighed. “Slaving around for someone else, yet came to such an end, truly pitiable and lamentable.”

Du Qingxi raised her head to look at this handsome youth before her that caused her to have a completely new opinion of him, and said slowly, “Why didn’t you kill him?”

“Killing him now is letting him off too lightly.”

Chen Xi withdrew clothes from his storage ring and wore it as he casually answered, but in his heart, he added. One day, I’ll annihilate his entire Li Clan before him and take revenge for grandfather!

“Oh, then let’s go into the city and rest first.” Du Qingxi didn’t inquire any further, only raising her head to look at the color of the sky before leading the way to enter the city gates of Bloodbath City.

The sky that was like blood gradually dimmed down as the veil of night was about to descend, and within Bloody Mountain, the most dangerous time was about to descend.

No one dared stay within Bloody Mountain during the night, and the cultivators outside the city gate all quickened their steps to crowd into Bloodbath City.

Crank! Crank! Crank!

When the veil of night covered the sky and the earth as it approached from the horizon, the thick and solid metal gate of Bloodbath City closed with a bang. From this moment onwards, until daybreak, this city would not open its doors again.

Howl! Howl! Howl!

Far away, numerous sad and shrill howls echoed out within the vast heaven and earth, seeming to be extremely terrifying under the veil of night.

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