Chapter 39 - Bloody Mountain

Chapter 39 - Bloody Mountain

Exactly how large is the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain?

After walking for nearly 12 hours, Chen Xi still had a feeling as if he was walking in mist, and besides the baleful beasts that pounced out one after the other, he never saw a single other thing.

There were an entire 10,000 plus people that had entered the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain this time, but up until now, Chen Xi hadn’t seen anyone besides Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin who were by his side.

Obviously, everyone was transported to a different location upon entering the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain.

Du Qingxi suddenly stopped moving, then she looked at the sky before looking at the map in her hand, and she turned around and suggested. “Let’s rest for a while. We’ll be leaving this Dusty Nightmare Area in another 15 minutes and enter Bloody Mountain.”

“Innumerable amounts of baleful beast packs wreak havoc within Bloody Mountain. Moreover, when we arrive there, we’ll encounter other cultivators. For the sake of survival and baleful pearls, or perhaps for the sake of that sword immortal’s abode, the true competition and slaughter will be arriving really soon.” Her voice that was chilly like ice had a trace of rare seriousness, and this was extremely rarely seen on Du Qingxi. Thus, it was noticeable how dangerous Bloody Mountain was that it caused even her to feel troublesome.

“Exactly. Baleful beast leaders accompany the baleful beast packs sometimes, these baleful beast leaders have cultivations equivalent to the initial-stage of the Violet Palace realm and are extremely terrifying. However, these baleful beast leaders would never actively attack people, but so long as someone enrages it, it would absolutely be a disaster to us who have our strengths limited to the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm.” Duanmu Ze had a solemn expression as he pondered for a moment before saying, and he didn’t boast shamelessly and confidently like he usually did.

Chen Xi who sat cross-legged as he counted the number of baleful pearls started paying attention when he saw the expression of both of them carrying a trace of seriousness. Violet Palace Realm baleful beast leader? The true slaughter is about to arrive? Is Bloody Mountain really so terrifying?

“Actually, I think the most dangerous thing is still the other cultivators that came here with us.” Song Lin rubbed his sleepy eyes as he interrupted.

Could he be speaking of Su Jiao and her group? Chen Xi pondered inwardly.

Du Qingxi and Duanmu Ze seemed to have become aware of something and both shot their gazes at Song Lin. Both of them knew that in spite of this fellow being slovenly, indolent, and was addicted to sleeping like it was his life; but his heart was like a clear mirror, and any signs of trouble in the surroundings would be unable to escape his notice. Now that he said this, could it be that he’d noticed something?

Song Lin spread out his hands and said helplessly, “Don’t look at me like that. In any case, I had a jittery feeling before we entered the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain. It was as if a formidable fellow that we don’t know of is concealed amongst those cultivators.”

Du Qingxi’s face was already completely serious when she heard Song Lin say this.

“Qingxi, you don’t have to be too worried. No matter how formidable these concealed fellows are, so long as they’ve entered the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, then their strengths would be restricted to the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm just like us. The three of us joining forces are sufficient to deal with everything.” Duanmu Ze consoled in a light voice.

Du Qingxi was instead unable to accept this, and she casually found a place to sit cross-legged before closing her eyes and pondering.

Unfamiliar cultivators that came from outside Pine Mist City occupied more than half of a number of people that participated in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain trials this time. For the sake of seizing even more baleful pearls, or perhaps for the sake of that sword immortal’s abode, these fellows would surely stop at nothing.

All of this was within Du Qingxi’s expectations, but when she heard what Song Lin said and recalled that there were still formidable figures concealed amongst these cultivators, how would she dare let her guard down?

Song Lin’s cultivation equally matched hers, but the cultivation technique he cultivated was extremely marvelous, and it was able to acutely perceive the dangers that could exist in the surroundings. Moreover, how terrifying would the cultivation of the person be that he’s able to cause Song Lin to feel danger?

I never imagined that the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain this time would cause such a stir. Just Su Jiao’s group is already enough of a headache, but now there’s another concealed expert. I wonder who will be the biggest winner…?

Du Qingxi lightly sighed in her heart, and her confident heart couldn’t help but slightly sway.

“What’re you daydreaming for? Get cooking!”

Duanmu Ze glared at Chen Xi before turning around and going nearby Du Qingxi before saying in a gentle voice, “Qingxi, we’ve traveled for so long, I presume you’re extremely exhausted right? What do you want to eat? Ask that kid to make it for you.”

Chen Xi had learned how to disregard this Young Master that provoked him for time to time, and he very naturally shot his gaze towards Du Qingxi.

Du Qingxi opened her eyes and pondered for a moment before instructing. “It isn’t a bad idea. Chen Xi, do as you see fit.”

The spirit energy within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain had dried up and was instead filled with baleful qi. If one didn’t have medicinal pills and spirit stones to replenish one’s True Essence, then not to mention killing baleful beasts to gather baleful pearls, even surviving was an extremely difficult thing. The reason she brought Chen Xi along was precisely because Chen Xi was able to cook delicious delicacies that were full of spirit energy.

“Then I’ll make some exhaustion relieving dishes, and let you replenish some of your physical strength.” Chen Xi nodded.

“I want to eat as well!” Song Lin shouted out loudly. When eating was mentioned, this slovenly fellow that was always sleeping was virtually as if on drugs, and he was full of spirit.

“Don’t forget to make a portion for me. If you dare be shifty then I’ll surely teach you a lesson!” Duanmu Ze seemed to have recalled something when he saw Chen Xi take out some ingredients and began preparing to cook, and he warned in a cold voice.

“Hey, why’re you so fierce to our spirit chef? Isn’t it only not getting to eat some Hundred Treasures Porridge in the morning? Brother Duanmu, think about it, what if he puts a little poison into your bowl? Haha!” Song Lin smiled broadly as he teased.

Duanmu Ze was stunned. Right, I’ve been ridiculing and verbally abusing him all this time. If he harbors hatred in his heart then it’s really possible that he will do so.

“Oh, he doesn’t have to poison your food. He just has to spit a little bit or toss in some piss or shit…” The extremely slovenly Song Lin seemed to be extremely interested in hardcore things, and the more he said, the more excited he became.

It’s too disgusting!

The corners of Duanmu Ze’s mouth fiercely twitched, then he looked at the faraway Chen Xi, and he could only grit his teeth as he decided inwardly. If you dare let this Young Master notice a trace of an unusual taste while eating later, GODDAMMIT, I’ll surely tear this fellow to shreds!

Chen Xi wasn’t so senseless nor did he have such hardcore tastes like Song Lin. They were about to enter the fiendish Bloody Mountain, even if he wanted to disgust Duanmu Ze, he would have to decide based on the circumstances.

Duanmu Ze was currently in the same group as Chen Xi, after all. Even if they were an eyesore to each other, but under the current circumstance, he had no choice but to temporarily put down this resentment and face the approaching dangers together.

Grilled Mandarin Fish, Shallow-fried Croton Fruit, Deep-fried Mandarin Fishballs, Stir-fried Mantis Shrimp with Raw Scallions, Pork Braised in Emerald Mushroom Oil… In next to no time, plate after plate of lustrous and tempting dishes came fresh out of the wok.

A string of music that melodious and pleasant to the ear like gurgling stream sounded out from within a screen that was coiled around by spirit energy. Within the screen that was painted with flowers, birds, insects, and fish; Duanmu Ze, Du Qingxi, and Song Lin sat around a sapphire roundtable. As they gazed at the various delicious delicacies that were served continuously like flowing water and smelled the various tempting fragrances that floated in the air, their moods were instantly elated.

Being able to eat such a sumptuous banquet that was filled with spirit energy within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain that was desolate like a wasteland and covered in layers of haze caused by the wind and sand that covered the sky, was undoubtedly something that made one extremely happy.

“I never expected that Qingxi would prepare so thoroughly, and even screens, tables, and chairs have been sufficiently prepared. When sitting here, the sounds of wind and sand whistling can’t be heard, the gloomy and hazy scene can’t be seen; the eyes and nose are filled with feasts to the eye and graceful sounds of music. Truly knowing how to enjoy life.” Duanmu Ze held up the small wine cup made from carved jade and drained the cup in one gulp, then he emitted a satisfied sigh.

“Enjoying?” Du Qingxi was dazed and a trace of sorrow surged out from deep within her eyes.

“Eat food, eat food. Why are all of you chatting for? Oh, this Floss Candied Dragon Banana is too tasty…” Song Lin was like the reincarnation of a hungry ghost, his hands got to work and his chopsticks descended like rain drops as he gobbled down his food.

Chen Xi pushed the screen open and walked in, then he put down a pot of fresh and fragrant Treasurefruit Soup before turning around and leaving.

“You’re not eating with us?” Du Qingxi raised her head and asked.

“I’m roasting some meat, all of you eat first.” Chen Xi replied without turning back. He didn’t want to sit at the same table as Duanmu Ze.

“Qingxi, he likes to stay outside. Moreover, there’s no reason for a servant like him to eat with us.” Duanmu Ze hurriedly mediated when he saw Du Qingxi still wanting to say something.

Du Qingxi said coldly, “He’s a spirit chef, we have an employment relationship!”

Duanmu Ze curled his lips in contempt, then said indifferently. “Oh, is that so.”

Chen Xi didn’t have the time to be envious of the luxurious life of Du Qingxi’s group of three, he sat on an area covered in gravel that was extremely far away as he voraciously annihilated a roasted hind leg of a roe deer. After he filled his stomach, Chen Xi dashed towards that area covered in layers of haze in the distance.

He wanted to gather baleful pearls!

Although he’d already gathered nearly 3,000 baleful pearls all along the way here, this was still far from enough. According to Ji Yu, he would need to extract the Netherezim Baleful Qi from at least 10,000 baleful pearls to be able to condense a Rebirth Wheel.

10,000 baleful pearls would also mean that he must kill 10,000 baleful beasts, and this was a number that would absolutely cause someone to feel it was hopeless. But, Chen Xi had only entered the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain this time with great difficulty, how would he be willing to leave without gathering sufficient Netherezim Baleful Qi?

However, right when Chen Xi had dashed out for not even 1.5km, a shrill cry suddenly sounded out from within the far away layers of haze.

“Flee quickly, a baleful beast pack is coming!” The voice revealed boundless terror, and it wasn’t long before numerous cultivators dashed out of the far away haze in panic. Their hair was in disorder, clothes torn and stained with blood, and they were in an extremely sorry state.

Baleful beast pack? Could it be that these people had encountered an attack?

Chen Xi stopped moving, and his formidable soul’s Perception Force spread out.

“Flee quickly! A baleful beast pack is coming!” Under the waves of shrill cries, those people had already come close, but an expected event suddenly happened.

When the burly middle-aged man in the lead was about to pass Chen Xi by, he suddenly twisted his waist and his fingers slightly opened up as his hand stretched out to grab at Chen Xi’s neck!

When they saw this, the others changed from their sorry states to have vicious expressions on their faces as they moved to surround Chen Xi.

These were not pitiable people that were fleeing in a sorry state after encountered the attack of a baleful beast pack, these were obviously a gang of cunning and crafty bandits!

Chen Xi stood still on the spot, and he seemed as if he’d been shocked stiff from the sudden turn of events.

A trace of a savage and complacent smile appeared on the blood covered face of the middle-aged man when he saw this scene. What a stupid little fat sheep, he looks like a fledgling at first glance.

Hmm? Something seems to be slightly off…

At the moment the middle-aged burly man’s eyes met with Chen Xi’s eyes that were calm like ice, he felt an inexplicable horror surge out from his spine to swiftly cover his entire body.

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