Chapter 37 - Southern Barbaric Nether Domain

Chapter 37 - Southern Barbaric Nether Domain

Su Jiao’s gaze was indifferent and tranquil as she quietly sized up the youth before her. Her expression was similarly calm, and caused others to be unable to perceive what she thought in her heart.

“You’re Chen Xi?” After a short while, Su Jiao slowly spoke with a voice that carried a trace of condescending arrogance.

Chen Xi?

At the moment her words echoed out, the surrounding people were all confused and only those people that came from Pine Mist City revealed a trace of astonishment when they heard this name.

Who in Pine Mist City didn’t know the great name of Chen Xi the jinx?

It was precisely because they knew this that they felt astonished when they saw Chen Xi actually being together with the disciples from the great clans of Dragon Lake City.

“Fuck! Why’s the jinx here? Isn’t he a loser that only knows how to craft talismans? Why’s he participating in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain trials as well?” Someone felt that it was difficult to believe.

“AH! I’ve finally recalled it. He hid behind Young Master Duanmu earlier and all of us were drawn by Young Master Duanmu’s elegant demeanor, so we overlooked this fellow.” Someone seized this opportunity to flatter Duanmu Ze.

“It can’t be! How could someone that’s able to be called out by name by a figure like Miss Su be an ordinary person? Hey, buddy, who exactly is this Chen Xi?” The cultivators from outside Pine Mist City were extremely curious and they all started to inquire about Chen Xi’s identity.

“Haha! All of you are too young, and you’re all talking fucking rubbish! Let me tell all of you, that Miss Su was betrothed to Chen Xi all those years ago. It was approximately when he was four…” Someone started brazenly talking about the scene of Chen Xi’s marriage contract being torn apart all those years ago.

Chen Xi kept silent as he heard the bustling sounds of discussion from the surroundings, and his expression was extremely calm as if everything in the surroundings wasn't related to him.

“Eh, jinx? This isn’t real right?” Duanmu Ze feigned astonishment, and the pleasure and ridicule in his eyes were something that was clear for all to see.

“I never imagined that Miss Su had such a past with him.” Cang Bin who had his hands crossed before him glanced at Chen Xi in surprize and his eyes emitted dense disdain and contempt. “But if it was me, I would surely not marry trash like this.”

Under the mocking and ridicule from the surroundings, Chen Xi stood up and stared at Su Jiao as he abruptly asked, “You’re related to my grandfather’s death, right?”

“I…” Su Jiao was stunned then her expression went cold and she said with a frown, “Does the death of your grandfather have anything to do with me?”

“Dare to do the deed, but not admit it?” Chen Xi continued to pursue in question.

Su Jiao was extremely furious in her heart from being interrogated by Chen Xi, and she said word by word, “Do you think I would explain myself to trash from an impoverished family? You need to understand that the marriage contract between our clans doesn’t exist anymore. Now, even if I kill you, I don’t have to worry about facing any trouble. Do you understand?”

A trace of contempt flashed at bottom of Su Jiao’s eyes when she saw Chen Xi keeping silent, and her tone was even more unbridled. “In any case, even if I killed your grandfather, what can you do with your little strength?”

“Remember, the weak will never have the right to speak. Being in an impoverished family is an inherent shortcoming and mediocre ability is an acquired shortcoming. You have both of them! But you still dare speak to me in this way? Truly laughable and stupid!”

“If you still dare speak to me in this way when I see you again, then I’ll surely kill you!”

After she finished speaking, Su Jiao turned around and left with Cang Bin, and when she left, a slight indifferent smile still hung on her delicate and charming face like a triumphant queen.

“Miss Su, leave Chen Xi to me, I’ll surely teach him a good lesson until you’re satisfied.” A clear voice vaguely sounded out in the distance.

“Thank you for your concern, Young Master Li Huai. But the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain is more important, just temporarily leave other things be.”

Li Huai?

Chen Xi suddenly raised his head and looked at the handsome young man in the far away crowd, and he muttered in his heart. The Eldest Young Master of the Li Clan? You two are together as expected…

“Are you ok?” This was the second time that Du Qingxi had asked Chen Xi the same question.

Chen Xi shook his head and his expression returned to normal. Since he was young, he’d encountered innumerable amounts of ridicule and mocking. This little blow from Su Jiao didn’t cause him to feel wronged or furious.

On the contrary, because he saw Li Huai and Su Jiao together, it caused him to be even more certain that the death of his grandfather was absolutely related to the powers that backed these two people!

Du Qingxi didn’t say anything further because the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain was about to appear.


After a short moment, a strange fluctuation suddenly sounded out in the surroundings of Spiritcave Lake. The originally calm surface of the lake seemed as if thousands of bombs were thrown into it, and enormous waves that were 30 over meters high surged out with a bang.

The enormous waves billowed like numerous 30 plus meter long water dragons that swam about and roared, and the spirit energy of heaven and earth was thrown into chaos by these violent fluctuations. Currents of air whistled as they blew out as if a gale had risen.


The gazes of everyone present was attracted by this scene.

“The Southern Barbaric Nether Domain is about to appear. Everyone, stand back!”

Right when this voice finished sounding out, the hundred plus water dragons formed from waves had coiled together above Spiritcave Lake and formed an enormous vortex that revolved crazily.

At practically the same time, a monstrous suction force surged out from the vortex, and the spirit energy within a domain of 50km from Spiritcave Lake was instantly swallowed up. The dark-green grass and trees withered with a speed that was visible to the eye, and a cultivator nearby to Spiritcave Lake that didn’t retreat in time was instantly sucked into the vortex. His body transformed into a clump of blood that instantly vanished.

“Watch out! Once you’re sucked in by the vortex, you’ll be instantly minced into scraps even if you’re a Golden Core Realm cultivator.”

Actually, there was no need for a warning. When everyone present watched the earlier scene, they’d long since retreated more than 100m, and only when they felt the vortex was of no threat did they stand still with a lingering fear in their hearts.


The violent sounds of thunderclaps abruptly sounded within the sky, and an astonishing scene appeared. The sky behind the enormous vortex seemed to have been crushed by the hands of a god, it crumbled inch by inch and a large ‘door’ that black lights rolled about on had gradually condensed into form.

Along with the appearance of this ‘door,’ the terrifying suction force disappeared and the heaven and earth returned to normal.

“Let’s go!” A figure took the lead to flash explosively towards the ‘door.’

When the others saw this, how could they be willing to fall behind? So they transformed into numerous black silhouettes that swarmed towards that ‘door.’

“Big Sister Qingxi, little sister will be going first.” Su Jiao turned around and laughed with a crisp voice. The white crane beneath her feet flapped its wings and they disappeared within the ‘door’ with a whoosh. Cang Bin and Li Huai stood on flying swords as they followed her to enter the ‘door.’

“Let’s go in as well. This door that leads to the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain will only remain for 15 minutes, and the next time it appears will be after a month.” Not long after Su Jiao’s group left, Du Qingxi brought Chen Xi and the others to enter the ‘door.’


After 15 minutes, the vicinity of Spiritcave Lake was completely devoid of people, and the large ‘door’ above the lake suddenly vanished and the shattered sky returned to normal.


Not long after the large ‘door’ that headed to the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain disappeared, the sky above the bank of Spiritcave Lake was torn open like cloth, and a two slender and white hands extended out.

Subsequently, a tall violet robed young man walked out of the crack in the sky with even steps, and he rubbed his chin as he gazed above Spiritcave Lake, seeming to have thought of something.

The sun shone onto his face, and his features that were well-defined seemed to have been carefully carved by a sculptor. He was unusually handsome with a fierce gaze, and there seemed to be two balls of violet lightning revolving within his pupils, adding a peculiar and mysterious aura to him.

“Dammit! So it’s just a wasteland that exists within a spatial tear. I fucking thought it’s a minor world that hadn’t been explored. Now I’m doomed! If I’m caught by that unruly little girl I’ll…”

The violet robed handsome young man’s face revealed a trace of an annoyed expression, then he noticed something and his sword shaped eyebrows fiercely knit. His figure vanished on the spot with a whoosh, as if he’d vanished into thin air.

“He’s fled again! This damn bastard!”

The sky shattered with a bang to reveal a deep and gloomy passage, and a young woman with a delicate appearance and a graceful figure walked out in fury. She swept her gaze towards the surroundings and seemed to have not found what she wanted, then she fiercely stomped the ground before turning around and without hesitation, she returned into the passage in space once again.

The middle of the 5,000 km domain of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, was precisely the publically acknowledged depths of the Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area. Circles of ripples abruptly appeared in the sky before a cliff waterfall, and a tall figure walked out from within the ripples. It was shockingly the violet robed young man from before.

“Oh, there are actually so many greater demons… Hmm, not bad, not bad indeed. Hiding here for some time seems to be a good choice.”

As he spoke, the violet robed young man stroked his chin and looked around his surroundings, then he extended out his slender and white right hand to lightly grab towards the sky, and a large black python that was thick like a bucket suddenly appeared in his originally empty hand.

There was a small blood red horn on this large python, its entire body was densely covered with layer upon layer of scales that were like cloud markings, and four golden little claws even grew out beneath its abdomen.

“Oh, soon to transform into a flood dragon? Unfortunately, you’ve cultivated for over 5,000 years for nothing, and in the end, you can only obediently become the meal in my stomach…” The violet robed young man smiled evilly. He paid no regard to the begging expression emitted from the enormous python’s eyes as he exerted force with his fingers and they were like sharp edges as they deeply sunk into the enormous pythons head.


The head of the enormous python instantly transformed into a bloody rain that covered the sky and showered downwards.

The eyes of the violet clothed young man that were like two violet vortexes slightly narrowed, and the corners of his mouth curled into a slight blade-like angle. He raised his head and extended out a scarlet tongue, then he allowed the blood to splash on his body as he freely enjoyed this type of bloody and wild banquet.


Chen Xi had just stood stably and hadn’t even had the chance to see the scene in his surroundings clearly when a black figure pounced towards him. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he struck out with his fist, directly smashing the black figure flying over to the ground 30 over meters away.


The black figure lay prone on the ground and howled in reluctance to leave this world.

Only now did Chen Xi see clearly that this black figure was actually a wild beast the size of a calf that had a hideous appearance. Its entire body was jet-black like graphite, its eyes dark red like brass bells, and it emitted a brutal and ferocious aura.

Baleful beast? This is the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain?

Chen Xi gazed at his surroundings, and he only saw that the sky here was suffused with a thick layer of lead gray clouds that vaguely revealed a dark red color. The ground was filled with rocks and sand, and when the piercingly cold wind whistled past, sand and dust would flutter in the air to suffuse out like a mist, causing one to be unable to see where exactly in the distance was the end.

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