Chapter 34 - Icetail Bee

Chapter 34 - Icetail Bee

Every three years, the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain would appear within the Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area.

If one wanted to the find the entrance to the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, then one must traverse through vast expanses of forests that demon beasts roamed in and enter the forbidden area. There was even a high probability that one would encounter a greater demon that stayed within, thus it could be said that killing intent was concealed at every corner and it was extremely dangerous.

Now, along with the upcoming appearance of the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, the pedestrian traffic on the bustling streets of Pine Mist City was obviously a few times busier than before, and they crowded and bustled like a tide that seemed incomparably clamorous.

“Laurel City, Jade City, Sandrop City… It seems that the cultivators from all the cities in the southern territory have appeared. The Southern Barbaric Nether Domain trials this time is simply an unprecedentedly grand occasion!”

“Well, who said it wasn’t? I wonder what the General’s Estate was thinking, actually tacitly consenting to cultivators from outside the city being able to participate. Not to mention anything else, but solely for the sake of fighting for the shockingly valuable baleful pearls, the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain trials this time will absolutely not be peaceful.”

“That’s true. But I heard people saying that most people seem to not have come solely for the sake of the baleful pearls. They seem to want to seek some sort of sword immortal’s abode within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain. I wonder if it’s true or not?”

“Sword immortal’s abode? Pfft! Stop joking! The spirit energy in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain is exhausted and baleful qi billows in the sky. Which sword immortal would be so bored as to build his abode there?”

All along the way, various discussions filled the streets, extremely alike to the strange atmosphere when a storm is brewing.

“The Southern Barbaric Nether Domain will appear tomorrow, and the entrance will only be open for six hours. So, we must hurry there overnight.”

Du Qingxi took out a jade-slip map when they walked up before the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, then she briefly looked through it before saying with a serious expression, “Everyone, be careful. Demon beasts roam about within the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range at night and it’s extremely dangerous. Don’t let your guard down.”

“Don’t worry, Qingxi. Even if we encounter a Violet Palace Realm greater demon, the strength of the three of us would be sufficient to kill it.” Duanmu Ze lightly smiled as he spoke with a casual tone as if he was speaking of an extremely simple matter.

Kill a Violet Palace Realm greater demon?

Chen Xi’s heart shook, since this fellow dared speak so highly, his strength should have surely already advanced to the Violet Palace Realm, and Du Qingxi and Song Lin would presumably be no different.

But, aren’t Violet Palace Realm cultivators unable to enter the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain? Perhaps, they have a method to enter within their possession…

This question related to certain secrets and Chen Xi wasn’t familiar with the three of them. So, it wasn’t good for him to inquire further and he could only conceal it within his heart.

Darkness enveloped the sky and scattered stars studded the sky.

Looking down from the sky, countless streams of people were like rows upon rows of ants as they poured towards the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, and a rough estimate put them at not less than 10,000 people.

“Eh, I’m not seeing things right? Duanmu Ze who’s reputed to be a genius level figure in the Dragon Lake City’s younger generation had actually come as well?”

“You aren’t mistaken, that person is definitely Duanmu Ze. He supposedly already possesses a cultivation at the 4th star Violet Palace Realm, and he might become the next successor of the Duanmu Clan.”

“Wow! So he’s the Duanmu Ze of my dreams. Sure enough, he’s as handsome and extraordinary as the rumors say, simply too handsome!”

Right when Chen Xi’s group of four intended to enter the mountain, someone nearby recognized Duanmu Ze and it instantly caused a wave of praise and surprised exclamations.

Duanmu Ze’s handsome face revealed a slight smile with a trace of complacency. He’d been accustomed to seeing such a scene in Dragon Lake City since long ago, so he didn’t think anything of it and smiled to Du Qingxi who was beside him. “I never expected to be recognized so quickly, these people really have nothing better to do.”

“Since they have nothing better to do, then let’s leave quickly,” said Du Qingxi with her regular expression that was frosty like snow, as if everything in the surroundings were unable to arouse her interest.

Duanmu Ze was stunned, then he shook his head and smiled, yet in his heart he was secretly extremely furious. This Du Clan little girl is too difficult to capture, could it be that she must drive me to use force?

He’d been chasing afar Du Qingxi all along, but Du Qingxi’s disposition was too cold, and he’d tried many different methods that all ended in failure.

To a disciple of a well-known clan like him, he could obtain numerous beautiful women if he wanted, but in the eyes of Duanmu Ze, those women were all just ordinary women. Within the entire Dragon Lake City, only a few people were worthy of him, and Du Qingxi who was born of the Du Clan was undoubtedly one of them.

Du Qingxi’s appearance was extremely beautiful and she was exceedingly intelligent. Most importantly, she was the only daughter of the Du Clan’s Patriarch. If he were to marry her, then not only would he obtain a beauty, but he would also be able to obtain the support of the Du Clan, and to Duanmu Ze, this was the result he wanted the most.

Because becoming the son-in-law of the Du Clan was equivalent to obtaining the support of the entire Du Clan, and relying on this assistance, Duanmu Ze had complete confidence in being able to ascend the position of Patriarch of the Duanmu Clan.

So, although he took a blow from Du Qingxi’s cold attitude now, Duanmu Ze would absolutely not put out his thoughts of going after Du Qingxi because of this.

But he was still slightly displeased in his heart, especially because Chen Xi was watching nearby.

This kid is probably laughing to himself that I think too highly of myself right?

Duanmu Ze glanced at Chen Xi but noticed that this fellow was absent-minded, with an appearance that he was daydreaming, and completely gave Duanmu Ze no opportunity to find fault with him. For a time, Duanmu Ze gnashed his teeth in hatred and thought inwardly, Once we enter the mountain forest, I’ll fucking find an opportunity to properly deal with you, lowly servant!

The night grew darker and darker, like black ink had enveloped the entire Southern Barbaric Mountain Range. Waves of terrifying beast roars sounded from afar, adding an aura of slaughter that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

When faced with this scene, even Song Lin whose eyes were heavy with sleep all the way couldn’t help but open, and his gaze was shining with unusual brightness.

“Let me warn you. If you dare be a hindrance to us, then no matter what Du Qingxi thinks, I’ll surely properly teach you a lesson first.” A strand of a voice transmission entered into his ears, and Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over. Chen Xi saw Duanmu Ze looking over with a light smile on his face as if the words from before didn’t originate from him at all.

When faced with this sort of disdainful and threatening provocation, Chen Xi chose to directly disregard it.

A hindrance?

At that time, I wonder who will be the hindrance.

When he recalled the scene of him hunting those ferocious and crafty demon beasts every night for the past three months, Chen Xi was instead filled with pity towards Duanmu Ze. So what if you’re a Violet Palace Realm cultivator? Those demon beasts aren’t weak, and they’re all sinister and ruthless with a myriad of methods of attack…

After they entered the mountain, Duanmu Ze led the group for the sake of showing his gentlemanliness. His white clothes fluttered as he walked forward with a sword in his grasp, and coupled with that handsome and refined smile of his, he indeed was able to arouse adoration in most girls.

Du Qingxi didn’t object to it, Song Lin had always sleepily and wearily followed at the back of the group, and it was impossible that Chen Xi would seize the limelight from this attention seeking Young Master.

So, all along the way, Duanmu Ze seemed to take himself to be the leading figure of the group. Chen Xi had suggested he change the path many times but was flatly refused by him, as according to the way he said it. “Even if there’s no path, sword cultivators must still use the sword in their hand to carve out a path, and taking a detour isn’t the way a sword cultivator does things…”

Chen Xi didn’t say anything further, as since someone wanted to suffer misfortune, then no one would be able to stop the person.

After that, at a place in the forest that was luxuriant with flowers and trees, a swarm of Icetail Wasps surged out as Chen Xi expected.

As a 4th star Violet Palace Realm sword cultivator, Duanmu Ze was naturally unafraid of these little things, and he drew his sword right away. As sword lights splashed out, swift and fierce sword qi seemed as if they were shot out from bows, and within a blink of an eye, more than 100 Icetail Bees were instantly annihilated.

“So it’s a swarm of little bees, truly a disappointing opponent.” Duanmu Ze had a complacent expression as he sighed with emotion. At the moment he intended to put away his sword, his expression suddenly froze and his eyes revealed a sense of astonishment.

Numerous red and swollen lumps appeared on the skin of his face and hands, and his handsome face even became like roasted pig head. It was so horrible that one could hardly bear to look at it.

“Ah!” Duanmu Ze emitted a miserable shrill cry, as the severe itchiness on his skin that was difficult to endure caused him to be unable to take care of his bearing, and his hands fiercely scratched his face.

“What’s going on?” Du Qingxi was shocked inwardly, and she was extremely bewildered in her heart when she saw Duanmu Ze scratching his itch in an unsightly manner.

“Oh, Brother Duanmu, are you utilizing monkey boxing?” Song Lin opened up his drowsy eyes and muttered, “I remember that you hate monkey boxing the most. You said that its posture is too ugly and it affects aesthetics and bearing.”

“Even though he killed the Icetail Bees, his face and hands were stung by the stingers of the Icetail Bees. That’s why it’s so itchy and unbearable.” Chen Xi frowned as he spoke, yet in his heart, he was instead extremely pleased.

These Icetail Bees were the size of a thumb and were fully black. Their stingers were fine like the hair of a cow and crystal clear. When the stinger plunged into the skin of a person, it was like ice merging into water and was impossible to guard against. Moreover, the poison would instantly invade the blood and cause red swellings that were itchy and unbearable to appear on the skin.

“Since you knew, then why didn’t you say so earlier?” Du Qingxi coldly glanced over and spoke with a slight blaming tone.

“I advised him, but he said that as a sword cultivator, he must use the sword in his hand…”

Not waiting for Chen Xi to finish, the far away Duanmu Ze who was scratching his itch suddenly roared. "Kid, shut up!”

“Let’s go, I’m alright.” Duanmu Ze breathed heavily for a while, then forcefully endured the itchiness on his body as he stood up, and his body trembled as he walked forward.

“Alas, Brother Duanmu cares about bearing the most. In Dragon Lake City, Brother Duanmu would undoubtedly be number one in terms of bearing. Now that his appearance has become like this, he surely doesn’t feel well in his heart, right?” Song Lin lazily sighed, and his gaze wittingly or unwittingly glanced at Chen Xi, then his eyes drooped as he once again fell into a sleepy state.

“Oh, if I knew earlier that he was so afraid of itchiness, I ought to have advised him once more, and all this wouldn’t have happened,” said Chen Xi with an innocent expression.

When this entered Duanmu Ze’s ears, it caused the malicious flames in his heart to rise explosively. Especially when he thought of his unsightly manner fully entering Du Qingxi’s eyes, he was angered to the point he spat out a mouthful of blood, and he roared in his heart. Motherfucker! This fellow is surely doing it on purpose! He didn’t warn me properly but is deliberately giving sarcastic remarks now! You just wait! I’ll surely fucking teach you a lesson!

“Young Master Duanmu, there are still some demon beasts that can’t be considered to be formidable ahead, should we take a detour?” Chen Xi seemed as if he’d been moved by conscience and asked in concern.

Duanmu Ze’s body froze, then he replied fiercely, “Thank you, but there’s no need!”

As he spoke, seemingly for the sake of venting the rage in his heart, Duanmu Ze quickened his pace. The sword in his hand ceaselessly waved about, and the vines and grass that obstructed his way were instantly transformed into ash.

“You seem to be extremely familiar with this place?” Du Qingxi frowned as she asked.

Chen Xi nodded. “I’ve previously come here for a period of time.”

“Then why don’t you lead the way?” Du Qingxi questioned closely.

Chen Xi gazed at the far away Duanmu Ze and didn’t say anything, but what he meant was thoroughly revealed.

“You lead the way after this.” Du Qingxi said with an irrebuttable tone.

“Okay!” Chen Xi nodded.


Right at this moment, Duanmu Ze’s sad and shrill scream once again sounded out from afar, and his voice revealed boundless rage and terror, seeming to have encountered some sort of terrifying thing.

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