Chapter 25 - Grand Collapsing Fist

Chapter 25 - Grand Collapsing Fist

Ji Yu paid no attention to Chen Xi’s burning gaze and instead casually waved his hand to make an emerald green rattan chair appear beside him. Then, he gestured from his waist and an azure skinned bottle gourd appeared in his hand. A dense wine fragrance floated upwards to fill the room with a fragrant smell.

He lazy lay onto the rattan chair then put the bottle gourd to his mouth before gulping down a few mouthfuls of wine and burped, then sighed in satisfaction. “After transforming into human form, I’m indeed able to enjoy things I had never enjoyed in the past.”

“Senior, you like drinking wine?” Chen Xi asked.

“Wrong. I like drinking good wine.” Ji Yu corrected, then smiled faintly. “Not only do I like drinking good wine, but I also like eating good food. If you want to bribe me, then do it on these two aspects. The rate of success is extremely high.”

Chen Xi was extremely ashamed in his heart, yet in his mouth he said, “I just happened to be training in the culinary arts. Even though my skill is inferior to those great spirit chefs, but I dare guarantee I will make dishes that would satisfy you. As for good wine, there’s a wine called Drunken Pine Wine in Pine Mist City, it has a mellow flavor that continuously suffuses out into the mouth, and it’s presumably able to satisfy you as well.”

Ji Yu wasn’t surprised in the slightest and he nodded. “It’s precisely because I know your culinary skill is good that I would appear here. It can’t be helped, I had no special addiction while following Master to fight and conquer the world in my lifetime, and I’m only unable to escape the desire for good food.”

So that’s how it is!

Chen Xi was finally enlightened, but when he thought of how Ji Yu had appeared for the sake of drinking good wine and eating good food and not purely to guide him on martial skills, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly at a loss of whether to laugh or cry.

“Senior Ji Yu, what do you want to eat?”

“Roast meat!”

“Okay!” Chen Xi stood up and walked over to the various ingredients, then started picking some demon beast meat with a delicious texture.

“The excellence of roast meat is completely contained within the word ‘freshness.’ The texture of those dead things are not acceptable. I’ll take you to a place.” Ji Yu instantly stood up from the rattan chair when roast meat was mentioned. His gaze was shining as he muttered, then he casually waved his hand. Chen Xi’s vision blurred, and in the next moment, he’d appeared in a dense forest.

Chen Xi looked around at his surroundings and said in surprise and bewilderment, “This is within the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range?”

Under the deeply dark night, numerous large trees were like solemn warriors of ancient times, with sturdy trunks, luxuriant foliages, and spreading branches. Dense creeping vines that were as big as the mouth of a bowl were on the treetops, seeming to be bodies of pythons that were hanging down by their tails. The faraway mountain range that rose and fell could be vaguely seen through the gaps in the leaves and branches.


A burst of beast roars sounded out from afar, adding an extremely dangerous aura to the entire forest.


Ji Yu appeared out of thin air, then casually swung his hand and an Azure Haired Wild Boar that was an entire 500kg fell onto the ground, emitting a terrified and miserable howl of grief.

“Hurry up and roast the meat.” As he spoke, Ji Yu once again lay on the rattan chair, then he picked up the bottle gourd and drunk down a few mouthfuls of wine. He smacked his lips in satisfaction and had a free and relaxed expression, as if he’d taken the entire extremely dangerous forest that demon beasts wreaked havoc in to be his own backyard.

Chen Xi didn’t sigh with emotion anymore and picked up the kitchen knife before starting to prepare the Azure Haired Wild Boar.

Hiss hiss!

Not long after, a campfire raged, and the oil flowed out from the meat pieces on the roasting rack to drop into the campfire to emit a hissing sound. After that, an enticing meat fragrance that made one’s mouth water suffused out.

“Mmm, after so many years, I finally get to taste the flavor of roast meat!” Ji Yu couldn’t refrain himself any longer as he scurried off the rattan chair to grab a piece of burning hot roast meat before chewing with large bites, and he still vaguely ceaselessly sighed with emotion.

Chen Xi felt extremely happy as well when he saw this, as he didn’t care about the problems of combination of spirit energy when he roasted the Azure Haired Wild Boar this time. He had purely sought after the deliciousness of taste for the sake of satisfying Ji Yu’s taste buds.

“Start cultivating your fist technique. Stand in the natural position, and conform your essence, energy, and spirit to the heaven and earth. This is the most suitable way to cultivate fist and kicking skills. Hiding within a room to cultivate is unable to attain this sort of effect.” Ji Yu ate meat and drank wine in great satisfaction, and therefore he didn’t stint in giving Chen Xi some advice.

What Chen Xi wanted was precisely this. He found an empty space and sat down cross-legged before carefully learning the Grand Collapsing Fist.

Grand Collapsing Fist, basic martial skill, the fist force moves like a drawn bow and explodes out like a thunderclap.

‘Moving like a drawn bow’ is the process of accumulating strength. The body is like a drawn bow that’s fully accumulated with force that’s transmitted to every joint within the body.

‘Exploding out like a thunderclap’ is the technique when exerting force, it stresses upon the collapsing force exploding out in an instant and swiftly like thunder. This is also what is called instant force and explosive force. When exerting force, the power is able to destroy anything within its path, and using one’s body as the axis, the fist force is condensed and is able to collapse mountains!

Furthermore, this Grand Collapsing Fist had been improved by Ji Yu, and the force exertion technique of the fist force was even more superior. The might of the fist force underwent a qualitative transformation as well and had completely broken away from the domain of basic martial skills to attain the level of high-grade!

According to Chen Xi’s understanding, cultivation of martial skills were divided into the basic-stage, advanced-stage, and unity-stage. They respectively corresponded to the low-grade, the intermediate-grade, and the high-grade.

Taking the Grand Collapsing Fist for example, it was originally a basic martial skill, and if cultivated to perfection, Chen Xi could merely be said to have mastered the basic-stage in the Martial Dao. If Chen Xi wanted to attain the advanced-stage, then he had to choose an intermediate-grade martial skill to cultivate.

However, there was also those people with shocking natural talent that relied on their own comprehension and a basic martial skill to comprehend an even higher stage in the Martial Dao, but these examples very extremely scarce. In the current cultivation world, so long as one’s pocket was full, or perhaps one was within a sect that possesses deep hidden resources and reserves, one was completely able to obtain martial skills of even high grade with the slightest effort.


Right at the moment Chen Xi intended to cultivate, Ji Yu called him over before a rock, then he struck his fist onto the rock, and the hard rock instantly transformed into a lump of small bits of rubble. The size of the rubble was like a longan, and their shapes were exactly similar. As they scattered onto the ground, they seemed like a pile of beads.

“This is the first stage of the Grand Collapsing Fist, collapsing a rock into beads.”

Ji Yu once again arrived before a rock and struck out with his fist, the rock instantly transformed into a pile of powder, then lightly blew at it and the powder drifted out profusely and disorderly before naturally vanishing.

“This is the second stage of the Grand Collapsing Fist, collapsing a rock into powder.”

Ji Yu once again arrived before a rock and struck out with his fist, and with a bang, the rock transformed into sharp rock needles that covered the sky, then he waved his sleeve and the myriad of stone needles emitted an ear piercing whistle from tearing through the air, and hit a nearby large tree, instantly penetrating through to cause countless small needle punctures!

“This is the third stage of the Grand Collapsing Fist, collapsing a rock into needles.”

“Now, your soul is growing stronger with each passing day, it ought to not be difficult to cultivate this. If you’re able to cultivate the Grand Collapsing Fist to attain the third stage, the nimbleness and force exertion technique of your body should be sufficient to cultivate Divine Abilities, Sword Techniques, and Movement Techniques.” After he finished speaking, Ji Yu once again lay on the rattan chair, eating meat and drinking wine in delight, and didn’t even glance a Chen Xi again.

Whereas Chen Xi had long since been stimulated by the might of the three successive fist strikes of Ji Yu to the point he was full of excitement, his entire body filled with fighting spirit. When he heard Ji Yu, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he assumed a stance and started cultivating from the beginning.

Just like Ji Yu had said, Chen Xi’s soul was strengthening and growing at a terrifying speed from visualizing the Fuxi Divine Statue all day and night. Under these circumstances, the changes within every move and every form of the Grand Collapsing Fist were like a gurgling stream as it flowed into his mind vividly and without error.

It wasn’t long before Chen Xi was immersed within cultivating his fist technique, forgetting himself and everything around him.

The sound of blood violently flowing within Chen Xi’s body faintly sounded out, like a great river. But contrary to his blood, his heartbeat grew slower and slower, but was extremely strong. The thumping sounds seemed like the sound of pounding on drums, and it shook the flesh, blood, and skin throughout his body.


Chen Xi didn’t notice that right when he was immersed within the fist technique, an azure star amongst that myriad of stars in the sky above him poured down numerous chilly Flexible Waterstar baleful qi that were like stream as it poured into his flesh, blood, and skin to slowly knead the tendons in his entire body…

Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes three hours later and his figure leaped out before striking his fist onto a rock.


The rock was hard like steel, only a few cracks split open on its surface, and a large amount of rubble fell off.

“What a hard rock. But the force of my fist has obviously increased as well. According to this speed, I ought to be able to attain the first stage, collapsing a rock into beads, within seven days.”

Chen Xi withdrew his fist, and as he felt the roaring sounds of his blood that seemed to be boiling throughout his body and the tendons in his body that were flexible and white like jade, he felt another burst of pleasant surprise. “I never imagined that the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Technique would actually break through the third level in such a short amount of time to advance to the fourth level, tempering the muscles with earth!”

The slow advancement of his body refinement cultivation had always been a knot in Chen Xi’s heart. Because he didn’t have a shred of experience before, he only purely cultivated the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Technique, but utterly never thought of using other methods to help his body speed up his advancement. The benefits that cultivating the Grand Collapsing Fist brought to him at this moment had undoubtedly allowed him to have found a way to quickly temper his body.

“The principle is extremely simple, this is the beauty of martial skills. It can both strengthen the cultivation in the Martial Dao, nourish the body in return and use the circulation of cultivation within the body to draw upon the baleful qi of the universe to temper the physique.” Ji Yu raised his head and said indifferently.


Chen Xi’s stomach growled in hunger. Cultivating the fist technique earlier had already completely spent all the excess energy in his body. There was a little less than a half of the Azure Haired Wild Boar still remaining, and Chen Xi couldn’t care about anything else as he sat cross-legged and started swallowing with large bites.

“Drink wine!” Ji Yu raised his hand and threw the azure skinned bottle gourd to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t treat Ji Yu as a stranger in the slightest as he held the azure skinned bottle gourd and fiercely drank a few mouthfuls. The pungent wine transformed into a mellow and refreshing hot stream the instant it entered his throat, then surged into every corner of his body.


It was as if a stone had exploded within his body, and vast pure energy roared out as it collided within his entire body, like numerous steel brushes that washed his blood, flesh, skin, and internal organs over and over again.

Chen Xi’s face instantly flushed red, and intense pain struck his entire body, causing his features to become distorted and terrifying.

“I forgot that the energy within this wine is too terrifying, and isn’t suitable for him to drink.” Ji Yu was slightly startled, then he slapped his forehead before shouting out explosively. “Circulate your cultivation technique, keep your mind clear and maintain consciousness!”

Chen Xi didn’t dare hesitate, and he gritted his teeth as he circulated his cultivation.

Bang! Bang!

It felt like there were countless raging bulls colliding within his blood, flesh, and skin. This vast energy that the strong wine transformed into was extremely violent and hard to tame, moreover it was scorching hot and difficult to endure. Chen Xi completely relied on his supreme will to completely absorb all this energy many hours later.

At this moment, it was just before the crack of dawn.

When Chen Xi stood up, the first ray of dawn passed through the dense leaves and branches to pour down.

He had a firm face that was very thin and a tall figure, and a layer of gentle lustre like jade arose on the pieces of clearly angular muscles underneath his clothes.

Under the shower of morning light, Chen Xi seemed to have been reborn, and didn’t possess his frail appearance from before anymore.

“Congenital Realm in body refinement?” Chen Xi felt the changes in his body and his heart fiercely shook.

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