Chapter 13 - Body Refinement

Chapter 13 - Body Refinement

“I’ll give you ten days, memorize the Collection of Spirit Flames and An Ultimate, Illustrated Guide to Food Ingredients by heart. After ten days, if you can’t even figure out the properties of ingredients and spirit flames, then I’d rather not take this disciple!”

Old man Ma was still not resigned, and put forward a requirement.

Chen Xi didn’t mind, he just pondered for a moment and then said. “Ten days isn’t a problem. I want to know how many spirit stones I’ll be able to obtain everyday once I become your disciple.”

Old man Ma’s eyes abruptly sprang wide open, seeming to be unable to believe his ears, and his chest violently rose and fell as he suddenly howled loudly. “You’re taking me as your master for the sake of earning spirit stones? My fucking culinary arts can be measured by spirit stones? You! You! You! Fuck off!”

Bai Wanqing hurriedly pulled Chen Xi along to speed off and flee when she saw Old man Ma on the verge of going berserk.

“He has character, but unfortunately he isn’t as full of character as I was all those years ago.” Qiao Nan rubbed his chin as he strictly evaluated.

“Oh! Little brother Chen Xi is out of the ordinary. Only such a man is worthy of being cherished by me.” Pei Pei muttered to herself, her beautiful eyes rippling with radiant splendour as she once again became delusional.

“Fucking get back to work!” Old man Ma’s sharp howl was filled with infinite rage as it boomed out, and mixed within it was the sound of the iron ladle hitting the wok.

After walking out of Clear Stream Restaurant, Bai Wanqing couldn’t refrain from laughing incessantly with a light voice when she recalled the appearance of old man Ma when he was forced to submit by them.

Chen Xi felt it to be slightly amusing as well, and he said, “Old man Ma’s temper is strange indeed.”

Bai Wanqing switched the topic of conversation and said, “You don’t have to worry about being unable to earn spirit stones. So long as you officially become old man Ma’s disciple ten days from now, the Clear Stream Restaurant will sign an agreement with you for a suitable price.”

Chen Xi nodded, as they was what he thought as well. As the lead spirit chef of Clear Stream Restaurant, old man Ma’s salary was incomparably liberal. And as the disciple of old man Ma, the Clear Stream Restaurant would only be too anxious to make offerings of spirit stones to him.

Bai Wanqing seemed to have recalled something, and a slightly strange look appeared on her elegant and fair face. “If you are able to acknowledge old man Ma as your master in ten days, then perhaps you’ll be able to meet the owner of Clear Stream Restaurant… A person with an extremely high ability.”

Chen Xi was startled and in his heart as he figured that was the case. As the Clear Stream Restaurant was reputed as the number one restaurant in Pine Mist City, its owner would naturally have an extraordinary ability.

Just by looking at Chen Xi’s appearance, Bai Wanqing knew that he didn’t understand the meaning behind her words, but she didn’t explain any further. She smiled as she said, “Are you going to the Zhang general store today?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “No, I wasn’t able to craft talismans today. If I go to the general store, Uncle Zhang would probably scold me.”

As he spoke of this, he recalled the matters that happened today. Chen Hao had successfully entered the Pine Mist Institution, and he had obtained the recognition of old man Ma. For a moment, he was even more grateful to Bai Wanqing.

He didn’t know why Bai Wanqing would go all out to help him, but he knew that the weight of this kindness was sufficient to make him use his entire lifetime to return it!

“Aunt Bai, thank you! Truly! Thank you!” Chen Xi had a solemn expression and gazed at Bai Wanqing with extremely serious gaze as he spoke word for word.

Bai Wanqing was stunned, she only recovered from her shock after some time and feelings fluctuated within her heart. Suddenly, she extended out her slender and white hand to pinch Chen Xi’s face, then smiled happily. “Smile more in the future. Don’t stiffen your face and be insulted as a deadpan. The nickname Deadpan Chen is really too unpleasant to the ear.”

Chen Xi was muddled by Bai Wanqing’s unexpected actions, and when he recovered from his shock after some time, a rare trace of a flushed face appeared on his pale and handsome face.

“Ha! Your face has gone red!” Bai Wanqing blinked her eyes with a face full of a mischievous smile.

Chen Xi couldn’t take it any longer, and didn’t pay any attention to Bai Wanqing anymore, only concentrating on walking swiftly, but in his heart he instead extremely enjoyed this warm feeling.

Within a large hall in the Li Clan.

“Useless son! Trash!” The wine cup in Li Yizhen’s hand transformed into a pile of dust with a crash, his steadfast and dignified face was gloomy and his eyes almost spurted fire as he shouted explosively. “Injuring another on the streets and defying the authority of the General’s Estate. These are all great things you’ve done!”

“Father, your son took a beating. How can the General’s Estate be so indiscriminate?” Li Ming summoned up courage to absolve himself from responsibility.

Li Yizhen’s face went even gloomier, and coldly stared at his youngest son. “You’re still clamorous and domineering even when your skills are inferior to another. And you actually used such a terrible humiliation like taking a beating as a reason to absolve yourself from responsibility. If you weren’t my son, I would surely kill you with my own two hands!”

Li Ming’s face suddenly went pale, and his entire body trembled, not daring to speak another word.

“Hmph!” Li Yizhen grunted coldly and his gaze descended on Manager Wu as he questioned in a low voice. “Manager Wu, since you’ve made a move, why didn’t you kill that Chen Hao? Do you know how much of a passive position your incompetence put me in?”

Manager Wu sweated profusely, his heart thumping as he maintained dead silence.

He knew that for the sake of calming the rage of the General’s Estate, the Patriarch had paid the painful price of a graded magic treasure. Under these circumstances, he didn’t dare to justify himself at all and only said in a low voice. “I originally had 100% certainty to kill Chen Hao, but I encountered the surprise attack of Chen Xi midway. I was caught off guard and the two brothers snuck off. Patriarch, please impart your punishment upon me!”

Li Yizhen’s enraged expression slightly eased up. “Chen Xi? Could it be that he’s already attained the level of perfection within the Congenital Realm?”

Manager Wu became even more ashamed. “No. The kid is skilled in crafting talismans and is ruthlessly cunning. He first utilized a Stealth Talisman and Aura Restraining Talisman to conceal himself at the side, then used an Icicle Talisman to launch a sneak attack on me. Not one of the moments he chose didn’t hit this old servants vulnerabilities, so…”

Li Yizhen was startled and seemed lost in thought. “I’ve promised those over at the southern territory that when these two brothers attain perfection within the Congenital Realm, I’ll cripple their cultivations. I’ll cause them to have no fate with the path to immortality, and make be overwhelmed with grief to the point they wished to die, then be tormented to death. It’s precisely because of this that I’ve never once taken the two of them seriously, but now it would seem that I should pay slight attention to them.”

Manager Wu said respectfully. “I wonder if Patriarch has any plans, this old servant is willing to follow by Patriarch’s side and will not refuse an order under any circumstances!”

Li Yizhen shook his head and sighed. “I’ve just received news, that Chen Hao had already entered the Pine Mist Institution to cultivate. The Pine Mist Institution had tremendous strength that is on par with my Li Clan. So we’re temporarily unable to make a move against him. That kid really got off lightly.”

Manager Wu seemed to have thought of something and his eyes lit up. “Patriarch, all the institutions within Pine Mist City will be participating in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain trials. Chen Hao has already cultivated to the Congenital Realm and will surely participate. Furthermore, the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain is situated within the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, thus the General’s Estate is unable to interfere. At that time, we will only have to send a few people to conceal themselves within, and they would surely be able to kill that kid!”

Li Yizhen pondered then said, “This plan isn’t bad. But, you can’t kill him, and instead must cripple his cultivation.”

A trace of viciousness flashed within Manager Wu’s eyes and he sneered. “Don’t worry Patriarch, this old servant will surely be able to take out that kid at that time!”

“Fantastic! I’ll be going at that time as well!” Li Ming cried out in joy and his gaze was filled with utmost hatred, obviously he already hated Chen Hao to the bones.

Li Yizhen coldly said, “Wanting to take revenge isn’t a bad thing. From today onwards, you don’t have to go to the Skystar Institution, and instead will cultivate in closed doors within the Ancestral House. When you’re able to attain perfection within the Congenital Realm, then at that time you may come out!”

Closed door cultivation in the Ancestral House?

Li Ming’s legs abruptly started shaking and his face went pale.

“Iron Hand, take the Young Master. I’ll leave his cultivation up to you.” Li Yizhen instructed indifferently.

“Understood.” A wisp of a shadow suddenly appeared behind Li Yizhen, and a gaunt and tall black clothed man silently appeared.

His appearance was mediocre and ordinary, and no distinguishing characteristic could be perceived. But when Li Ming saw him, it was as if he’d seen the devil and his mouth trembled as he said, “Father, can…”

His voice abruptly stopped.

Iron Hand swiftly appeared by Li Ming’s side like a ghost, then swung his hand to knock Li Ming out before grabbing Li Ming up like holding a chick, directly leaving the large hall.

A trace of unbearableness flashed within Li Yizhen’s eyes and was subsequently replaced with a sense of firmness, then he muttered. “Spare the rod and spoil the child. If you can’t even achieve perfection within the Congenital Realm, then what qualification do you have to compete with your older brother for the position of Patriarch? The Li Clan doesn’t need trash!”

Manager Wu was stunned by the scene that unfolded before him. Iron Hand? That Violet Palace Realm expert that was always concealed within the shadows and considered himself to be a shadow? That number one slaughterer of the Li Clan whose hands were stained densely with blood?

Being watched by such a freak while cultivating, the following days of the Young Master would probably only be able to be described as too horrible to look at, right?

Without any reason, a trace of pity arose within Manager Wu’s heart.

“Manager Wu, there’s still one more matter I want you to take care of.” Li Yizhen frowned and pondered for a moment before making the decision.

Manager Wu was jolted back to reality, and he took a deep breath the said in a loud voice. “Please give me you instructions, Patriarch!”

“It’s inadvisable for us to offend the General’s Estate in the near future, but we can’t let that Chen Xi off so easily as well. Next month, I want you to cripple his cultivation first!”

After bidding his farewell to Bai Wanqing, Chen Xi directly returned home and had a rushed meal before starting to comprehend the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts.

The things that took place these past few days were too numerous and caused a strong sense of urgency to arise within him, thus he didn’t dare slack off in the slightest.

Most importantly, no matter it it was qi refinement, body refinement, visualizing the True Body Brand, or earning money by crafting talismans, they would all occupy a large amount of his time. Now that he had an extra culinary arts, his time seemed even tighter. So he would absolutely not allow himself to waste a shred of time.

Chen Xi didn’t know how others treated their time, but he knew that if he wanted to become strong, if he wanted to take revenge for his grandfather and the Chen Clan, and if he wanted to meet his mother, then he couldn’t loosen the requirements he imposed on himself.

On the contrary, for the sake of achieving these objectives, he would have to impose even harsher requirements on himself, no matter how hard. Even if he had to sweat an extra drop of sweat, in no event would he give himself a reason to slack off!

Holding this sort of thought, Chen Xi drew up a cultivation plan for himself. In the morning he would craft talismans, then train in the culinary arts; at night, he would cultivate the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts, the Violet Sky Arts, and visualize the True Body Brand.

As for how much time remained for him to sleep wasn’t within his consideration.

Of course, if Chen Xi was able to attain the Violet Palace Realm and become a Violet Palace cultivator, sleeping or not was of no great importance.

“The body refiners in the world mostly use the energy of stone, gold, lightning, fire, and water to temper their physique. But I’ve never heard of drawing upon the baleful qi of the stars to temper the physique. This Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts is able to develop a new method, and is indeed marvellous!”

As if he’d opened up a mysterious window, Chen Xi’s eyes were unusually bright. He carefully savoured the lines of beautiful characters within his mind with dense curiosity.

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