Annual Leave

Talisman Emperor Annual Leave

*Dates that Jay and I will be taking off days to be with family and friends.*

[Seasonal Holidays]

  • Valentines/Singles Awareness Day — Feb 14
  • Easter Sunday — Apr 1 (Date changes yearly)
  • Christmas — Dec 24, 25, 26
  • New Year  — Dec 30, 31, and Jan 1

[Personal Holidays]

  • Jay’s Birthday — Mar 24
  • InVader’s Birthday — July 12

Calculation of chapters removed from the queue during these holidays will be based on a daily average at the time and rounded to the nearest whole figure.

Release rate is 14/week or 2/day, so 2 chapters will be removed from the queue of the relevant week for each date listed here.

*This list is subject to change.* 

Novel Announcements
Talisman Emperor Sponsor Announcement

Hi everyone,
This post is mainly for people that have joined or are about to join the Talisman Emperor sponsor tier.
I've decided to implement a minimum amount of updates per month for the top tier, and I'll announce the monthly total of chapters a few days...