<Chapter 46. Death's Companion - 3>

<Chapter 46. Death's Companion - 3>

Arema Steelworker had really done his best. He was not only mad at Seagald but was also stressed out from all the events that had occurred here, so he went at full power and tried taking it all out on Seagald.

[It's not your turn yet, Arema.]

[Ha, are you avoiding me?]

[Seira, are you going to oppose me?]

However, Seagald just ignored Arema's attack and taunt, and concentrated entirely on his little sister, Seira Von Retadane.

One simply couldn't avoid the Metal General without any repercussions; as evidence of this, Seagald's armor was chipped in several places. Even so, he didn't bat an eye at Arema.


[Haha. You've grown a lot!]

Moreover, Seira Von Retadane wouldn't accept Arema's help; she just glared at Seagald with eyes wide open and swung her flail. Arema would have to be careful so that he didn't get in the way of that flail.

The power of severing, or light mana, was extremely dangerous to Arema Steelworker as well, even though he was already separated from his physical body and his soul was safely encased in a golem's shell.

[Kuaaaah! You're both crazy!]

[My lord, we'll get that crazy woman away from him! Then you can focus on the Annihilation Flame Sword God...]

[You can't. Since this damn woman is level 8... Grr!]

Why did he have to be involved in this? Why did he have to save that foolish woman, who was being manipulated by the curse?

Arema attacked once more, his fists containing all of that rage and frustration. Although he wasn't looking, Seagald was still able to dodge Arema's attack and faced off against Seira once more.

[I made you wait too long, Seira.]

"Die! Just die!"

[I'm sorry I made you worry. But the pieces are all set now. That's why I came to see you.]

"Uoooooooh! The power of light!"

[What a sight.]

How could they be so engaged in their conversation without caring about anything around them? Seira being crazy was a given, but Seagald was too. Last they spoke, he seemed quite sane, so how did it turn out like this? Or was there something that induced such behavior?

'No, that wasn't important.'

If Seagald wasn't going to take him on, then he had no choice but to unleash an attack; one so powerful that Seagald would have no choice but to shift his focus!

Arema released his Gigantification and returned to his normal, human form. He then focused all of his mana into one place. The ambient mana that wasn't yet under Seagald or Retadane's control was being sucked in by Arema.

[This is...!]

Metal, the element he could only learn once he became a golem. By concentrating his mana into a single spot and converting it into the metal element, he could temporarily form a metallic substance that surpassed the limits of metal.

[Metal God!]

It was only temporary, but for an instant, Arema Steelworker had formed metal that surpassed all metal in this world and had truly become a Metal God. He possessed exceptional durability and destructive power that befitted his namesake, the Metal God General. 

While Seira and Seagald were fighting, Arema charged at full speed. As expected, Seagald noticed this. He couldn't dodge it. He could only take it or block it. Seira was also attacking him, meaning he couldn't dodge either of the attacks.


At that moment, Arema felt something strange. It felt as though Seagald had disappeared. In the past, he'd felt something similar from the Archmage. Was it the spatial element? No, Seagald wielded the light element, so that didn't make any sense...

'But it doesn't matter.'

The Archmage was a pain in the ass, but it was because of that that he had researched ways of dealing with him. His 'Metal God' ability was one of them. It covered his outer body in metal and was also an aggregation of high level mana; just by existing, the Metal God ability repressed the usage of ambient mana!

A level 8's authority, or rather, their ability to dominate mana, was in essence, a guaranteed reinforcement in a small space. At this range, it wouldn't matter what he used; whether it was spatial magic or something else, it wouldn't be perfect! Arema kicked off the ground one last time. His extended right fist hit Seagald's helmet...


Arema yelled in bewilderment. The moment his fist struck, his helmet turned into transparent flames. Transparent flame? What the hell was that?

These blazing flames were so powerful that they threatened to melt Arema's fist. But his own Metal God ability was no pushover. If Seagald was being protected by these unknown flames, then all he needed to do was get through them...!

[You've improved, Arema.]

[You're the one who hid such a terrifying ability...]

Ultimately, he managed to erase Seagald's flame, though a portion of his hand was melted away in exchange.

To be exact, he had destroyed half of Seagald's head, which had been protected by the transparent flame-turned helmet. Seagald had concentrated entirely on his element, like Arema had, and had changed his helmet temporarily. Or at least, that was Arema's assumption.

'Tch. In terms of elements, he's way above me. If that Retadane wench hadn't attacked with me, then I would've been pushed back... More importantly, did the Heaven Defying General see this? No, is he actually putting up a fight against the Lich?'

In any case, Seagald was critically injured. A part of his body had melted away, so he couldn't fight anymore, but if the Heaven Defying General were to help out, then they should be able to kill Seagald. However...


"Gu, Keoheok."

[It looks like we'll finally be together, little sister.]


Arema, who was shaken by Seagald's newfound power, suddenly realized what just happened. Seagald had taken both of their attacks, but in return, had stabbed Seira in the heart!

[Damn it...!]


[Open your eyes, Seira. Don't be controlled by your hatred. Open your eyes and look at me. I'll show you the right path!]

[So you've finally killed your little sister!]


A transparent light erupted from Seagald's blade and was flowing through Retadane's body. Seira, who'd lost her flail, began to shake.

The light that burst from her body accepted those bizarre flames and began to change her body. To put it bluntly, it was an incredibly unpleasant scene.



At that moment, Lee Shin Woo, who'd descended from the sky, thrust his sword at Seagald. Seagald hadn't moved an inch when Arema had attacked him with his Metal Body, but surprisingly, he avoided Lee Shin Woo's attack and retreated.

"Transparent flames. Is that what it means by Annihilation Flame? It wasn't the power of burning others, but burning oneself. ...It's an innate element that was created by fusing fire and light together, right?"

[...Heaven Defying General, Paul Zero. To think you'd be able to defeat the Archmage this quickly.]

"Unfortunately, I wasn't able to kill him for good. That guy sure is good at running away."

Lee Shin Woo landed futilely. The white light at the tip of his Shining Bone Sword had missed its target and merely burned the air around him. No, perhaps it had burned away some of Seagald's flames that he didn't have time to withdraw.

If he could, he would've helped Seira immediately, but his instincts were telling him not to look away from Seagald. He pointed his Shining Bone Sword at Seagald and looked at him.

"Your control over your magic is exceptional. You feel like a real magic swordsman..."

Lee Shin Woo was superior in magic, but Seagald seemed physically stronger than him. But the worst part was Seagald's innate element; according to his title, it was called 'Annihilation Flame'. 

Contrary to his Shining Flame, which came outwards and extinguished all cause and effect, the Annihilation Flame was collected inside of one's body and erased one's own cause and effect. One could erase their presence, their mana, their physical body, traces of any injuries, or even a portion of the curse that shackled them!

How far it reached depended on the user. Thus, Arema Steelworker's attack, which should've been fatal, was not, and his attack against Seira had become unavoidable when it normally should have been.

In a sense, it was similar to Lee Shin Woo's Wild Card skill, which fooled his enemies and the world itself. It would probably have a great affinity with his Wild Card ability. Maybe just as much as his Dark Shadow ability did.

[What is that flame? You're a lot different than what I'd heard.]

"You're a lot different from what I've heard about you too, so I'm quite surprised myself."

Lee Shin Woo greeted him and took a step back. Seira was staggering and Lee Shin Woo grabbed Seagald's sword, which was still embedded in her heart. The Annihilation Flame within her body blazed, as if putting up fierce resistance, but once he focused his white flames into it, her body became cleared of the transparent flames.



"Just bear with it, you old bag!"

He pulled out the sword and vaporized it upon realizing that he couldn't steal it. Now wasn't the time to be greedy over a weapon.

"Hoo... Arema, can you keep fighting?"

[How can you say that when you look at me? Now it's your turn.]

"I have to treat this woman."

[Treat? A way other than completely killing her before she becomes an undead?]

Arema said sarcastically. Someone calmly assessing the situation and then speaking logically pissed Lee Shin Woo off the most. Lee Shin Woo clicked his tongue and extended his hand towards Arema. It was the most fundamental power of the light element: the ability to heal!

"This should be enough, right?"

He infused a ton of magic into extinguishing the Annihilation Flame and healing Arema. Of course, his body wasn't exactly the same as before, and his spent magic wouldn't return, but this should be enough for him to continue fighting.

[This is...!? Who the hell are you!?]

"Doesn't matter. Fight him a little while longer."

[I'd rather you not touch her right now.]

Seagald said and instantaneously appeared in front of Lee Shin Woo with a new sword in hand. He swung his sword downwards... but Jin came rushing over at light speed and kicked him away.



The sight of her feet sprouting steel thorns covered in white light and hitting Seagald was quite striking. That wasn't all. Her entire body, including her wings, was wrapped in light as if she were a mythical beast.

[A horse!? How did a horse!?]

"My horse will help you. Can you do it?"

[There's no way a horse exists that can kick Seagald at light speed...! Damn it. Fine, I'll do it! That's fine, right!?]

Arema, who saw Seagald fly away from Jin's kick and barely stand up, was speechless at such an unexplainable phenomenon  but was soon ready to fight once more.

[Now that it's come to this, I wouldn't be surprised if a skeleton turned into a human. Seagald, how did it feel, getting kicked by a horse!?]

[A skill befitting an irregular. However...]

Seagald's body blazed within the air and then disappeared. His mana and his presence had disappeared, but everyone was sure that he was still here.

[No matter how fast light is, it can't catch something that doesn't exist.]


Jin snorted, but Arema broke into a cold sweat. She wasn't experienced in battle, so she wouldn't last long against Seagald.

'Whatever you're doing, do it fast. Hurry...!'

She scraped at the air with her horse hooves. Arema tightened his fist as they were simultaneously attacked by the transparent Sword God.

Lee Shin Woo confirmed that they were fighting and quickly turned around to begin Seira's 'treatment'. 

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