Stop, Friendly Fire!

Stop, Friendly Fire!

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ToyCar (토이카)
The empire has turned into the land of the undead due to a spell gone wrong. God summoned heroes from countless worlds to purify the empire and plant new hope. Lee Shin Woo, an ordinary earthling, was also summoned. As an undead, that is.
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71 Reviews
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2 years ago
I have read this story a couple of years ago on another platform, and while I did not finish it at the time, it was an incredible journey! I'm excited to see WW pick it up so I can read it again. For anyone unfamiliar with this novel, it has a level system, lots of undead humor, and *very* good action and combat scenes. There isn't really a lot of romance (you know, undead and all), for anyone who pays special attention to that. SFF is a must read, you'd be missing out if you don't give it a try!

2 years ago
Surprised to see SFF make a return to Wuxiaworld. I consider it a must-read novel! The protagonist isn’t is interesting. Some of the side characters are bland in comparison but the main character isn’t a Mary Sue and there is some room for them to shine. The twists are expected but clever, while the ending is concise. The villains are a bit bland and under developed compared to the MC but most novels in this genre have trouble establishing villains. I’d say these villains at least have more depth than your typical Wuxia villains; just don’t expect SCOG level of villain buildup.

Over all I highly recommend giving it a read. You’ll know within the first 100 chapters that you made the right decision.

a year ago
Not recommended
An entertaining story for sure, with the classic hero going from zero to overpowered. I got hooked super fast, because, hey, it's a skeleton hero! Skeletons are cool. I enjoy the main character's shameless attitude, and the humorous bits like the monsters' nicknames. Also, the lore of the undead empire is very intriguing.

Yet, I choose to not recommend this story because I really regret getting hooked to it. While it is really a pleasure to read for the first hundred or so chapters, I didn't know it was a harem novel. I guess there were some hints, but there are always some spicy comments in other novels, so I didn't really take it seriously. The hero, being a skeleton, is nostalgic of his sex drive and his manly bits, okay. There is a surprising amount of female characters around him, and for some reason they all like him, and they all are incredibly sexy, yes, of course. Also, he's completely oblivious to the interest of some of them, what a surprise. The first few times it made me smile. But after a while, it became incredibly obnoxious and at the point I reached now, I keep groaning at almost every chapter.

Because I got invested in the background story, and I'm quite curious about how all of this will end, I'll keep reading, but this is so painful I can't recommend it to any potential reader who, like me, doesn't enjoy harem tropes.

For the others, well, just take a look at the overwhelming positive reviews, what are you still doing here reading my complaints? You're lucky to not be bothered by what annoys me, so enjoy your read !

Edit : Finished reading the whole story, and I stand by my opinion. It's even worse in the end since the girls keep fighting about who will sleep with him.

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a year ago

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