Chapter 875: The Terminator's Undead Sorcery

Chapter 875: The Terminator’s Undead Sorcery

The Terminator knew it’d come to the end, he’d prepared for it. If he hesitated any longer it would be too late. At least he wouldn’t let his failure become the end for his allies. He could die proud of that fact.

“Your Majesty, wait a moment.” Lan Jue pleaded.

From the outbreak of war they’d lost Satan, Xiuxiu, and most recently the Pontiff. There were so few of them left. If the Terminator… The realization was like a dagger to the heart, but he couldn’t think of a good excuse to give the Paragon.

“Take care of Chu Cheng, he is the North’s last hope. If you defeat the aliens, help him do what he must.” The Terminator’s voice was calm, with little emotion. It was Lan Jue who felt his heart sink with these final wishes.

He couldn’t summon the words to ask him to stop. Now was the time for action, or the chance to make the Terminator’s death mean something would pass.

The Conclave’s leader took a deep breath. Suddenly his body surged, and a crackling...

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