Skyfire Avenue

Skyfire Avenue

22 Reviews
Tang Jia San Shao (唐家三少)
Xiao Lai
天火大道, aka Skyfire Avenue, is a scifi/fantasy webnovel by popular Chinese author Third Young Master of the Tang Family, aka Tang Jia San Shao (唐家三少), the same author who wrote Douluo Dalu.  This project is complete, having been finished by Xiao Lai.
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22 Reviews
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4 years ago
Skyfire Avenue is one of the more interesting webnovels I've read recently. I'm heavily torn on whether to recommend it or not, because it's certainly not for everyone. The verbose descriptions of high-class culture, the excessive detail, and the focus on backstory and the past are very interesting. Skyfire Avenue has mechas and magic, and one of the more interesting settings I've seen in a novel. It is also, however, an incredibly slow burn, and it takes forever for power-ups, plot progression, and what have you to happen. I don't like going to deep into spoilers, but if you enjoy strong main characters and interesting worlds and worldbuilding, you might enjoy Skyfire Avenue, as it's more about what happens after the end of a long journey to power, than it is about getting there.

On a 5 point scale, Skyfire Avenue is a 3/5, possibly a 4 if it was cleaned up, sped up, and had a few more changes

+Incredibly cool setting

+Interesting main cast

+Well thought out fight scenes

+Quality prose

-Slow burning

-Lack of plot progression until late into the novel

-MC is already powered up, not much in terms of power progression

3 years ago
Definitely one of the better reads here story wise. There's some issues to overcome while reading it, but the mix of sci-fi and fantasy is a great hook.

One MAJOR thing that detracts from this otherwise awesome novel though, is that is finished, been finished for a while, and has editing flaws left and right.

Please for the love of freaking God, once finished TOUCH IT UP! This is now a PAID novel, restricted by vip and purchase walls. There's no reason it should be left with massively glaring editorial flaws when users have to pay for it!!!

Otherwise, yes this a great novel with a ton of story building, works building, and interesting characters. It can be slow, but with trudging through the info dumps for the awesome content.

4 years ago
You will either love this one or drop it out of bordom. Its a "slice of life" story in a world of mechas and culitvation magic. Because the characters are the top elite in this world, they ARE increadbly powerful and a battle or three takes place in some of the hundreds of chapters here. But that is not at all the focus of the novel. Epically slow burn time on this one.

Read it if you want a VERY different story from your typical power-up and leveling novels. Also very different from the "super deep" romance genre too. Chill fluff and hints of power.

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