Chapter 874: Joining With the Sword

Chapter 874: Joining With the Sword

If Li Ke was still master of the sword Lan Qing would be unable to break his connection and fuse with Ultus. However, with only the sword’s own will to contend against dominating it would be much easier. As resistance waned Lan Qing took in the tendrils of power from Ultus into himself where it began to join with the light around Vairochana.

The nimbus of orange light surrounding the Buddha took on a turquoise hue. Ultimately it was Lan Qing’s wind-element Discipline that connected him with fully with the sword. It was impossible to force Ultus to accept Vairochana entirely, instead he found common ground through wind.

Lan Qing was surprised by the result.

When it was time to break through to Paragon, Lan Qing forsook his natural Talent and took on the inheritance of Vairochana with his father’s guidance. His wind Discipline remained, but separate from the new powers of the Buddhist lineage....

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