Chapter 864: The Four Banishing Blades

Chapter 864: The Four Banishing Blades

Jun’er left with the Wine Master. Li Ke’s eyes never left her small frame as she disappeared.

Lan Jue wanted to ask him why he didn’t want to meet his daughter, but a look from the Pharmacist kept him quiet. He wouldn’t press the issue – this was, after all, a matter between a husband and wife.

“Before we begin, I will explain the principle behind the Banishing Strategy. These years I’ve been locked within Ultus I was able to learn its secrets.”

“The Banishing Stance is known as the single greatest destructive power in the universe. Back in the ancient days the Grand Master of Heaven battled against the four great sages. They were as strong as he, and you can imagine the power at their fingertips. Even so the Banishing Blades were called the most lethal of the Grand Master’s weapons. Because of how powerful and dangerous it is, the Strategy has been hidden within Ultus ever since.”

“Not copper, nor iron, nor steel, the sword was hidden...

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