Chapter 863: Vital Crystal Transmutation

Chapter 863: Vital Crystal Transmutation

‘As fast as possible’ didn’t mean a year or two. They had to find a way to make these Paragons stronger within a matter of days. The Banishing Strategy, as one of the strongest powers in the ancient world of immortals, also needed time to understand and employ. All the while the threat of alien evolution loomed, for the moment their process was complete the humans knew those monsters would be coming for them.

Their days were quite urgently numbered.

When he saw Lan Qing’s concerned visage, Li Ke laughed. “Be at ease, I have a solution that can help you improve your cultivation. I’m not sure how effective it will ultimately be, but the chances are good it will help you ascend to Nirvana.”

“The years I was trapped with these monsters I studied them as they studied me. I watched how their energies were converted and used. After all, Ultus was kept within Monarch’s...

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