Chapter 861: Forget Me

Chapter 861: Forget Me

Li Ke had thought the universe had treated him cruelly, but now he saw how much his wife had had to endure. At least he was given the mercy of sleep within Ultus, allowed to wait until his opportunity was presented. Though he missed her most of the time had been spent in darkness as he maintained his spirit within the Banishing Blade.

Time passed quickly as he slept, and moments where pain and regret gnawed at him were relatively brief. But her? Not only was the pain with her every single day, but she had to bear the hardships of raising a crippled child by herself.

“Little Yue, blame me. I’m so sorry about what was happened to the two of you. It’s all my fault.” Li Ke’s body shook.

“Don’t… you shouldn’t upset yourself. Your body is dimming. Li Ke!” [1. She’s referring to him...

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