Chapter 860: Husband and Wife, Face to Face

Chapter 860: Husband and Wife, Face to Face 

The Wine Master’s face darkened. “It was dangerous for you to do this without alerting us first. If you-“

Lan Jue smirked at him. “Alright, it’s done and it all worked out. I’m here, right? Don’t be angry, right now we need to focus on defeating our enemy.”

By now Lan Qing had returned. He bowed before the Wine Master. “I apologize, Wine Master – to all of you from Skyfire Avenue. Dangerous as the task was, there were no other alternatives. After making my plans I knew that our chances of winning the last battle were very slim. Even if we did, we wouldn’t be strong enough to destroy the home worlds ourselves. We had to attack the problem from two sides. It was an opportunity we couldn’t ignore.”

The Wine Master and the other members of Skyfire Avenue didn’t respond. The exhaustion in Lan Qing’s face was apparent to everyone. All throughout...

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