Chapter 815: Establishing an Immortal Realm?

Chapter 815: Establishing an Immortal Realm?

This was the first time Lan Jue heard the aliens regarded in this way. Surprise lit up his face. His mother and father were wise, their thinking profound.

Luo Xianni went on. “Don’t look at me that way. I’m sure your father will discuss this with you when we’re almost done dealing with these monsters. The vital crystals have helped him to contend against the restrictions of universal protogenia, and I’m sure they’ll be of use to us as well.”

The two women opened his eyes, revealing a whole new realm of possibilities to him. Creating a new immortal realm would be wonderful for humanity, certainly. Whether or not it was possible, at least it was a valiant goal to strive towards. The first to benefit from it would be his father and mother!

The four Paragons continued to soar through space, with Angel shrinking into the distance. Getting their bearings out...

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