Chapter 814: Action

Chapter 814: Action

What Lan Jue didn’t know, was that his suggestion to Lan Qing instantly had the support of all the unit leaders. Not a single member of Star Division protested.

Normal people were frightened of the aliens, but that was never a sensation that crossed a Division soldier’s mind. In all the encounters they had with these beasts, they’d never been defeated. On the contrary, every fight had ended in total victory. In addition they had many Paragons at their backs in case things got out of hand. As far as they were concerned, any risk was worth the reward.

Not to mention these men and women had been training for this fight for a long time. They were only too anxious to have something to show for it.

Their eagerness pleased Lan Jue. After speaking with Lan Qing it was decided that the Paragons would lead his troops into battle. They would be dispatched in smaller units as they had always been, and their efficacy evaluated in this new battleground. Their...

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