Chapter 813: Difficult Situation

Chapter 813: Difficult Situation

Lan Qing explained his reasoning. “If my guess is correct, then their goal is simple. They don’t want us to throw caution to the wind and rush in. They want us to have a false sense of superiority. Our bastions are superior weapons, they want us to think, and we have a chance – that’s already how the soldiers think. The East and North saw our victory and it gave them hope. Under these circumstances do you think they’ll send reinforcements to help us? The answer is no, of course not. They’ll want to keep their forces close to protect against the threat of them teleporting into their alliances again. Especially the North. What they want is to tie us up and make us forget the danger. If they waste enough of our time, they achieve their goal.”

A cold sweat lingered on Lan Jue’s back as he listened. If this was true the aliens were as undefeatable as they originally feared.

Lan Qing narrowed...

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