Chapter 805: The King of Devils

Chapter 805: The King of Devils

Queen, Consort and Monarch – the three most powerful aliens outside of the home worlds themselves. Luckily none of them were strong enough to ascend to the Infinite. However three Nirvana-level enemies was enough to cause the Terminator and his allies significant trouble.

The Terminator himself had achieved Nirvana, but only recently. Besides him the Wine Master and Clockmaker were Reflections of Heaven and Earth. The others were still within the Realm of Protogenia.

The seven of them together, employing their full strength, were able to keep the enemy at bay. At least for now. The valley they fought in was scarred by the marks of their conflict. From overhead it looked like a jagged crater.

Roars and explosions filled the air, competing against one another as the chaos continued. A gigantic image of a man with pitch black skin, ten thousand meters tall stomped through the area. His body blazed with a blinding golden light, and...

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