Chapter 804: Saving Heaven’s Light

Chapter 804: Saving Heaven’s Light

Lan Jue and Qianlin became translucent, then invisible. Only Guanyin and the Emperor of the North Pole Star remained visible in the sky with the Banishing Blades in their hands. Guanyin was crystal clear, but in contrast the Emperor of the North Pole Star was diaphanous.

The hum from Demortus and Captus filled the air as they stretched out together – not to attack, but to lead. They directed the stream of technicolor light that descended from on high toward its singular aim.

One of the monsters, thousands of meters long, sensed the danger approaching. It turned to flee, wildly raking the air with its metallic claws. But the torrent of light swept passed before it could escape, piercing through its forehead and beyond. One after the other all aliens in its path were cut down.

The two dharmic images rose higher into the air. White light radiate from the Queen of Heaven and fell upon a vast expanse of land. Sizzling mists arose from the bodies of all aliens...

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