Chapter 784: Infinite Violet

Chapter 784: Infinite Violet

As the light dimmed, the air around them suddenly felt thicker. Its quality changed, and the presence Lan Jue felt wasn’t moving toward them, but instead toward the progenitor.

A doppelganger? From Monarch. Lan Jue knew the chances of running into one of them was high, but all the same his heart began to beat faster. These monsters were at least equivalent to a Nirvana-level Paragon, and if the progenitor was as strong as they suspected this fight wasn’t going to be easy. They were deep in enemy territory, beset on all sides by danger.

“Everyone be careful!” Lan Jue cautioned. His mother was close, but they had to rely on their own strength too.

A violet-gold light flashed in the horizon, and a sense of foreboding that difficult to describe swept through the area. The oppressive pulse of intention even sent Occisus’ sword array into chaos, causing them to vanish and revealing the people that...

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