Chapter 773: Profit at Another’s Expense

Chapter 773: Profit at Another’s Expense

With the buffer given by Middle Heaven, the Capital ships safely made it back to the safety of the armada. The other two bastions and their entourage were still, silently watching what transpired.

They returned to formation quickly, just in time to bear witness to Middle Heaven as its payload was released.

Blinding, angry red light erupted from the front of the remolded planet. It was so fierce that it painted everything before it in the same blazing light. Distant aliens were a riot of squirming bodies trying to flee.

But in the next instant they were stunned to find that the burst of fire from them only extended a thousand meters or so. Middle Heaven shot backward toward where the rest of the armada was watching.

Those weren’t cannons… they were thrusters? They were using them for a quick retreat. Everyone – not just the aliens – were stupefied by the revelation.

What was Middle Heaven...

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