Chapter 770: A New Plan

Chapter 770: A New Plan

How could they save these people while not negatively affecting their main plan? Lan Jue’s mind went over the question, considering every possibility.

The meeting went on for a long time. It had to, since the very thorough planning Lan Qing had done had to be thoroughly changed with the addition of Lan Jue’s information.

“Alright, I’d like everyone to return to their ships and begin preparing your people. We move out in eight hours.” Lan Qing stated. Now that their plan was formulated it was time to act.

“Wait a moment.” Lan Jue, who had been silent up to this point, suddenly spoke up. He looked at his brother.

Lan Qing knew his brother’s character, knew what had kept him quiet this whole time. “Did you think of a way?”

He nodded. “Part of the problem in splitting our forces is manpower, and the fact that we’d be fighting a war on many fronts....

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