Chapter 755: Poseidon’s Surprise

Chapter 755: Poseidon’s Surprise

“I hope you’re able to keep your promises, Admiral. Do whatever you can to protect our home.” Sylva Austin was no longer concerned with the return of his fleet. There were more important things to consider now. Even if they were absorbed by the East, even if they became beholden to their Alliance, their survival would mean a chance for their family.

Richard saw Lan Qing from a different perspective. He looked so familiar! He looked like that man… the one who… why did they look so similar?

The sounds of footsteps approaching from outside interrupted his thoughts.

“I heard you took the Austin’s fleet?” Lan Jue stepped through the door and called to his brother. He only noticed the other two men after he spoke.

Richard froze, but quickly his face turned dark and angry. This thief was the last man he’d expect to see here. He could see the relation between Lan Qing and Lan...

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