Chapter 754: Incorporation

Chapter 754: Incorporation

“Hello, Admiral Lan Qing.” When he saw the Eastern luminary Sylva Austin felt more relaxed. No one of comparable age had as many military accomplishments. If they were here it meant they didn’t need to fear pursuit by alien forces.

“Hello, President Austin. Where are you and your entourage headed?” Lan Qing calmly greeted him.

The Western President adopted a grieved expression. “The alien planets have attacked our armies, and destroyed our last remaining bastions. The West has fallen into enemy hands and Europa has been occupied by our foes. We’ve had no choice but to flee our homeland under threat of death. We’re lucky to have run into you. You’ve come as reinforcements?”

Lan Qing regarded him like a statue. “It doesn’t seem as though you’re in any condition to fight. You’ve witnessed the enemy on Europa? What’s the situation on the ground?”

Sylva paused. He didn’t...

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