Chapter 752: Changing Course

Chapter 752: Changing Course

The barrows was one of those seven planets. Each one was – at most – two days journey from one another. Once the threat of alien invasion had become clear the West had urged nearly all their populace to migrate to this system. Though their population was the smallest among all the Alliance, that was still a billion people.

That was enough DNA to prompt the alien evolution. A billion lives…

An Lun changed course, pointing itself toward Europa. They were about to enter into the second phase of their war against the aliens.

After two days Middle Heaven crossed the border into Western territory. All the while bad news was flowing in from their neighbors to the North. Their government and their people were clearly uninterested in sending troops to help them face the planets.

They weren’t alone in their thinking. So long as disaster wasn’t on their doorstep people were content to bury their heads in the sand. But...

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