Chapter 751: We Have to Go

Chapter 751: We Have to Go

Lan Jue looked at his brother. “Right now we can only think about ourselves. The Pharmacist has said that if we can recover Ultus and lay out the Banishing Strategy, we have a chance to eliminate the alien threat. We faced with the unavoidable, your only choice is to face it head on.”

Lan Qin responded. “We’ll go back. We’ll discuss it after we’re safely in the East.” He had his own pressures to consider.

The East had worries just like the North did. What were they to do if the enemy showed up in the middle of their alliance? Middle Heaven, the strength of the East, was absent along with five interstellar fleets. It was imperative that they returned to defend their territory as soon as possible.

Thus did the first joint military offensive of the human alliance end. Middle Heaven led the Eastern delegation back toward...

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