Chapter 743: Progenitor

Chapter 743: Progenitor

Lan Jue felt his shield shiver. The explosion was much more intense than he imagined. The other people detonated as well, one after the other. Lin Guoguo and Lan Jue were caught in the middle.

The intensity was enough to reduce a mecha suit to ruin. However, at Lan Jue’s level of cultivation it posed no danger to him. He sensed the corrosive nature of the explosion immediately, but more important was the surge of psychic energy that followed. These people weren’t alive, they were just mimicking a particular psychic pulse. In fact there was a sense of relief when their tortured existence passed.

The aliens were truly evil creatures! Lan Jue’s hands curled into fists.

“We’re going!”

They left the church and returned to their mecha’s cockpits.

“Attention Star Division. All soldiers listen up, this is commander Lan Jue. If you discover any signatures of human life, do not approach. Keep your distance. We’ve discovered…”He shared the awful experience with his teams then did the same with...

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