Chapter 742: I’ll Decide What’s Permitted!

Chapter 742: I’ll Decide What’s Permitted!

“Increase artillery support to the ground teams, except for Monteux. Allow nearby ships to provide cover fire for our troops.” Kang Hui ordered.

“Admiral, that won’t be permitted. There are…” His first officer timidly interjected.

Kang Hui’s response was cool and unyielding. “I’ll decide what’s permitted. [1] Are you saying our soldiers aren’t people, too? If we keep this up, how many will die before we take the planets? Follow orders, soldier!”

“Sir!” The officer had no choice, in battle the Admiral’s orders were to be obeyed above all else unless directly contradicted by superiors. But in a battle this crucial, what was the likelihood of that? Nothing was more important than remove this threat to humanity. The military leaders would all stand behind Kang Hui’s decision.

They could see the cover fire increase from space....

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