Chapter 741: Shut the Hell Up

Chapter 741: Shut the Hell Up

Retaking a planet took time. In the meantime, there might be lives to save.

This fight was different from the ones they’d engaged in before. The aliens they fought before were infected mutations controlled by progenitors. They were weaker, mindless creatures. This time they were battling real aliens, doughtier foes who wouldn’t go down so quickly. It was important not to forget that there were some creatures among them strong enough for interstellar flight. When the railguns were up and running, their goal would be to deal with those.

“Aye, aye!” Lin Guoguo replied. Immediately a pale golden aura sprang up around her suit.

As she had grown stronger, so too had her psionic capabilities. With the help of her mecha she was able to scan a vast area without much effort. Lan Jue had some psychic abilities of his own, but they weren’t near as discerning as Lin Guoguo’s. To him human...

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