Chapter 740: Dominating Power

Chapter 740: Dominating Power

It was his first time releasing his powers in battle since ascending to Paragon. The feeling of protogenia flowing through him was intoxicating, and even his enemies were in awe of the primordial lightning flashing in the sky. Aliens witnessing their brood’s destruction from a distance didn’t dare approach the Driver.

The Gourmet walked idly along the ground. In his passage the world withered away and the sky blanched. A gray-hued stillness and death spread from him like a pestilence. Aliens that came to close were also painted in the monochromatic color then burned away in a painful and silent demise. Their bodies turned to ash and floated in the breezeless air. The Gourmet brought to them a universe of ruination and despair.

The Keeper and Bookworm made the most dramatic display. Above the Keeper’s crown was an array of small stars arranged in a matter....

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