Chapter 736: Hmph!

Chapter 736: Hmph!

If this operation was a success, then no more needed to be said about Middle Heaven’s stockpile – things will continue as usual. Poseidon Group would continue to live happily on planet Poseidon just as before. But if humanity’s gambit failed the Poseidon Group would announce their defection from the West, and leave for Skyfire where they would join with Eastern forces.

If that happened the West’s power would immediately suffer. They would be no match for the East at that point, and Poseidon Group wouldn’t need to fear retribution.

In addition, Poseidon Group had its own plans to flee if things went sour.

Humanity’s future hinged on the result of this war, a war they had to win. If they did not, no one wanted to think of the horror that would follow. Their only chance would be a desperate escape.

Warships covered the heavens, as numerous as the stars, surrounding the lumbering form of Middle...

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