Chapter 730: To Create an Alien Realm?

Chapter 730: To Create an Alien Realm?

Lan Jue swallowed. The Pharmacist’s insights were more than important, they redefined how Lan Jue understood his enemy. With brows furrowed, he spoke. “So they must evolve to a certain point before they can create this Alien Realm, right? And if they succeed, it would mean the end of our species?”

The Pharmacist smiled bitterly at the prospect. “That seems to be the case. So we need to stymie their evolution by any means possible. According to the knowledge in the rune my husband imparted, the aliens have been studying us for at least the last ten years. He and his compatriots weren’t the first group of humans to be captured and experimented on. They were just a continuation of their efforts.”

“Of course creating a realm outside of the universe is not easy. Getting enough ancient DNA is their chief obstacle. At least they still have a long way to go before they succeed.”

Lan Jue pressed...

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