Chapter 725: To the Rescue

Chapter 725: To the Rescue

Anything that came close to the light Occisus released was cut apart by a hundred thousand minute slices. The aliens were diced again and again until there was nothing left of them but lacerated atoms. Occisus was a ship-sized meat grinder.

He could sense immediately that the Pharmacist had prepared for this moment for a long time. Her will permeated the aura and galvanized it.

Lan Jue’s instinct was to rush forward and get to her, but it would be impossible. Even if he and Qianlin had prepared and met her with their Harmonious Swords style, it still might not be enough to withstand Occisus.

His choices were limited. What could he do if he couldn’t stop her? Flee?


Lan Jue grit his teeth as Thor’s systems came back online. Thor was a conflagration of blue light that overwhelmed its Blinding Stone as the mecha launched toward Occisus.

Even a Paragon didn’t have the energy necessary to bear this sword without effort. When her strength failed, that would...

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