Chapter 702: Human Survival Conference

Chapter 702: Human Survival Conference

“It’s because of what my teacher taught me, it helped me grow fast. He told me that when he leaves I must continue to improve myself in the starlight. Then I will understand everything. He left a lot behind for me, so I come in here to play every day.”

As Lan Jue looked upon her a seething pang arose in his chest. She said she was here playing, but how lonely she must be!

“Daddy, I’m going to be strong soon. I can already feel that you and mommy aren’t happy – there’s so much for you to do. Don’t feel bad, things will work out. But you have to be careful, be careful with yourself and the people near you. I feel there’s a shadow following you, sometimes close and sometimes far. But it had a close connection to you. Not one… two. One is good and one is very bad.”

Lan Jue didn’t know how to react. People near him? For some reason a chill overcame him and he was filled with...

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