Chapter 697: End of the Expedition

Chapter 697: End of the Expedition

“Xiaosu, send our data to Tyrannosaurus. Ask if they need anything more from us.” The Wine Master, after thinking for a moment, spoke to the ship’s driver.

She confirmed, then turned on the ship’s communications and did as instructed. The North’s equipment was top of the line, and they were connected immediately.

“We’re sending the data,” Xiaosu said.

“Did you get any feedback?” The Wine Master asked.

Xiaosu stared at the screens. “Hold on, waiting for a response now. We’re pretty far away so the signal isn’t very clear.”

She spoke again after a moment. “They want us to meet up with them as soon as possible.”

“Got it.” The Wine Master’s mouth turned into a slight frown. He looked toward the Clockmaker. “So you think that if we go back, there’s a chance…”

She smiled. “I’m not sure, but there is always a chance. The safest choice is not to go back. We’ve already completed our mission.”

“Alright.” He...

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