Chapter 695: Gates of Slaughter

Chapter 695: Gates of Slaughter

In this instant, Occisus finally accepted its master and propelled her into the realm of the Paragons. The power of her Domain was inferior to that of the Violet Princess, but even the terrible alien’s strength couldn’t hold thirst for carnage back. Even the universe seemed to shrink away from the fearful sense.

The Violet Princess, for all her power, hesitated to engage.

Captus also seemed galvanized by Occisus’ display and began to quiver. Ripples of angry red light pulsed from it, weaving among its companion’s violent display. A strange, uncomfortable sensation swept across the area.

The Violet Princess screamed. Her howl still hung in the air as she dissolves into a violet stream of light and vanished into space.

As she did the blinding red and white lights mingled to create a towering gate. Three words were etched into reality at its apex:

Gates of Slaughter!

All around them...

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