Chapter 694: The Pharmacist Advances!

Chapter 694: The Pharmacist Advances!

Ten meters was miniscule when compared with stars and planets. Lan Jue, standing at roughly two meters, was even less deserving of attention. Even so Lan Jue didn’t give the beetle-alien a chance to discover him. As he raced ahead an angry red light lashed out.

From the beetle’s perspective, reality collapsed in front of it, creating a powerful vacuum. It immediately reacted by retracting its wings and trying to get free, but the pull was too strong. Its body was surrounded by a crimson light.

The red aura flickered and flared. The alien had no control over itself, and the strange power caused it to pitch wildly from side to side. Lan Jue appeared suddenly on top of it, and as he pressed his hands to its back a dim blue light joined the red. Flecks of silver light hung in an orb around the beast.

There wasn’t a single sound. The beetle writhed and raged until, suddenly, it stopped. It hung...

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