Chapter 693: Life and Death

Chapter 693: Life and Death

Just then Lan Jue felt his shirt tightened. When he turned around, he saw a pair of lilly-white hands gripping his clothes.

“Qianlin!” Lan Jue gasped in surprise.

Ever since falling into this state Qianlin could perform basic functions, but this was the first time she’d taken the initiative. However, her eyes still bore that dull look.

Lan Jue tried to loosen her grip but she just held on tighter. He tried to convince her to let him go but she would not be swayed.

Tears had begun to well up in Lan Jue’s eyes. He pursed his lips, and after a moment sighed. “Alright, we stay together. Life or death, no matter what happens, we don’t separate.” He dropped his head and kissed her lips. The tell-tale light surrounded them and when it was gone, so was Zhou Qianlin. Lan Jue felt his Discipline surge to its peak.

A few minutes...

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