Chapter 688: The Splendor of Life!

Chapter 688: The Splendor of Life!

The first thing Holmen noticed were the odd data readings. No gravity? None whatsoever… what did it mean? Without gravity a planet would break apart like sand. It was smaller than a main sequence star, a white dwarf or a neutral star, but that didn’t excuse it from the laws of the universe!

However the Bastion had already crossed the point of no return, and uncertainly only bred fear at this point. The time was now, and Arachnid reacted by swiping with its massive arms.

The plan wasn’t to smash into the planet directly. With their size discrepancy the Bastion would certainly lose that dogfight. Instead Holmen’s plan was a simple one; tear at it with Arachnid’s arms. The East claimed it was alive, didn’t they? Very well, then! Then we’ll stab the damn thing to death. Swing by, chop it up, blast it with the...

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