Chapter 685: Heron-Class Bastion

Chapter 685: Heron-Class Bastion

Arachnid was a newer design, incorporating new advances in bionic integration. The North was not called the trailblazers of technological advancement for nothing.

Arachnid didn’t need any backup from an intergalactic fleet, an unstoppable force of war in and of itself. Thus, it traveled without an escort for fear it would impeded on its own ability to wage war.

By the time Arachnid’s legs were fully extended, all seven thousand of its fighter ships were deployed. They quickly dispersed like a cloud, but didn’t rush in to attack. They were like spectators, a net of eyes.

Eight rectangular engines spat tangerine-colored light from behind the Bastion. It looked like a terrible beast birthed from the abyss of space, and it raced ahead hungry for alien blood.

The sudden transformation was an unexpected surprise for the alien attackers,...

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