Chapter 684: Ares’ Cleaver

Chapter 684: Ares’ Cleaver

Holmen never took his eyes from the screen in front of him. He watched every detail as Tyrannosaurus lead its entourage in battle against the alien planet.

The monsters were crafty, using the galaxy itself as a weapon. Were it him in Kang Hui’s place, Holmen wasn’t sure he would have fared much better. You better hold out Kang Hui, you miscreant, you better hold the line! Wait for me to come pull your ass out of the fire.

No matter his personal feelings, protecting the North and its army was their shared goal.

“Admiral! Sensors have picked up a strong pulse of vital energy.” The voice of one of his officers interrupted Holmen’s thoughts.

He and Kang Hui had different styles of command. Tyrannosaurus’ Captain relied on his own superhuman vision to guide his men. Holmen, meanwhile, preferred to delegate when...

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