Chapter 683: Moonfiend?

Chapter 683: Moonfiend?

Ying Tianlong snapped to attention and saluted his superior. “Admiral Kang, I am willing to accept whatever disciplinary action you deem necessary. But the First Fleet is the backbone of our nation’s security, I beg you to come to our aid.”

“Commander Ying,” Kang Hui began coolly, “you will follow all orders to the letter, do you understand? If we survive this fight, then we can discuss punishment.”

“Aye, aye!” Ying Tianlong stood straight, chest out. Pride had clouded his judgement, but the man was still an outstanding soldier. He understood what was required of him in this moment, and although he was loathe to admit his failing to the admiral he wasn’t willing to gamble with the one hundred thousand lives under his command.

After accepting Ying Tianlong’s apologies, Kan Hui’s face bore no change. In a fighting force this large there were more important things for him to attend to besides a commander’s...

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